Sunday, December 17, 2006

A peddlar called life!

a peddlar
of wax wings & wingless skies
of rusted talons & bruised eyes

a peddlar
of stale sanity & insane shadows
of closed doors & open windows

a peddlar
of unpaved roads & shoeless hooves
of droughts & rains & broken roofs

a peddlar
of love for symmetry & contorted faces
of straight lines & geometry & distorted spaces

a peddlar
of stillborn days & smothered light
of worn-out darkness & smeary nights

a peddlar
of conspiring minds & unbuilt fences
of unscrewed hinges & unhinged senses

a peddlar
of crumpled feelings & bloody innards
of messy dealings & soggy forewords

a peddlar
of enticing doubts & tainted ears
of stained sounds & painted fears

a peddlar
of things, all love to hate
of excuses like destiny & fate

a peddlar called life!