Sunday, December 17, 2006

A peddlar called life!

a peddlar
of wax wings & wingless skies
of rusted talons & bruised eyes

a peddlar
of stale sanity & insane shadows
of closed doors & open windows

a peddlar
of unpaved roads & shoeless hooves
of droughts & rains & broken roofs

a peddlar
of love for symmetry & contorted faces
of straight lines & geometry & distorted spaces

a peddlar
of stillborn days & smothered light
of worn-out darkness & smeary nights

a peddlar
of conspiring minds & unbuilt fences
of unscrewed hinges & unhinged senses

a peddlar
of crumpled feelings & bloody innards
of messy dealings & soggy forewords

a peddlar
of enticing doubts & tainted ears
of stained sounds & painted fears

a peddlar
of things, all love to hate
of excuses like destiny & fate

a peddlar called life!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thodi si raat

ik raat likhi thi tumne kabhi
thodi to maine padh li hai
thodi padi hain dil me mere
thodi palkon ne pakad li hai

thodi si raat bitayi hai
thodi si raat bachayi hai
tumhe bulane,lubhane ko
aasmaan pe thodi bichayi hai
baaki ki raat?
tum aao to sahin!

thodi si tumne ugayi thi
thodi si maine jagayi hai
seene me saanjh bujhane ko
thodi si raat lagayi hai
baaki ki raat?
tum aao to sahin!

thodi khaabon se uthai thi
thodi galiyon me bithai hai
tanha sone ki aadat to gayi
bistar pe thodi litai hai
baaki ki raat?
tum aao to sahin!

tukdon me raat sajaate hi
thodi si garaj-ke guzar gayi
kishton me raat bujhaate hi
thodi si palat-ke lipat gayi
baaki ki raat?
arey... tum aao to sahin

thodi udhaar me baati thi
sood me thodi aur mili
girte dhuaan me udti boondein
thodi si aur deke chali

kya karoon
pehlu me itni hai

aao to sahin


Dead dreams do not always leave faces
Drying tears do not always weave traces
Do not scout for them
Dead fish will find their way
to the shore

Spent springs do not always bear laughter
Some stories do not survive thereafter
Do not cry for them
Dead fish will find their way
to the shore

Wild winds do not have an itinerary
Worn wings cannot have an itinerary
Do not wait for them
Dead fish will find their way
to the shore

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Cliche

Meet me & I will tell you
stories - familiar yet new
each time I see
each time you hear

Moods riding on roller coasters
lows & highs, highs & lows
strangers & friends, adversaries & foes
vices & advices, contempt & woes

Faces & veils, Facts & lies
Playing host to Conscience once a fortnight
Ethical conundrums, Mythical problems,
Heartless hearts, Hopeless hopes
Romancing ideas to change the world
Spilling & refilling fluid perspectives

Aspirations, Inspirations & Desperations
Unceasing thoughts, Amusing plots
Useless fears, senseless sneers
Desires spawned every minute
losing life the very next moment
Sense of direction altered everyday-
end up running in circles

Vain attempts to catch up
with Time- the recluse, the fugitive.

Meet me & I will tell you
Things, you have left behind
gathering dust in a corner
Things, you will see ahead
forest fires & snowstorms

Meet me & I will tell you
stories told a million times over before
because I am but a cliche

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


kuch khuli khuli si kuch dabi dabi si hai
zindagi kuch apni si kuch ajnabi si hai
thodi thodi si daudi daudi si
zara zara dheere chal rahi hai
har pal ab palko pe mere
ek pal ki zindagi pal rahi hai

thodi thodi tod li kahin pe
thodi thodi chod di wahin pe

tukde do tukde
kisine na pakde
honge pade
yahin kahin
jahaan kahin
wahin sahin
ruki ruki si raatein rookhi rookhi si baatein
suni suni si baatein sooni sooni si raatein
kuch dafnaate chale
kuch apnaate chale

bulbule se chehre bula-bulake pahne
chulbuli subah ko jala gayi dopahre
marham lagaaya kahin
maatam manaaya kahin

kabhi kabhi kahin baha gaya
kabhi kabhi nahin raha gaya

chehre woh chehre
na guzre na thahre
honge pade
yahin kahin
jahaan kahin
wahin sahin
buri buri si aankhein bhoori bhoori si aankhein
bhari bhari si aankhein bhaari bhaari si aankhein
kuch dikhate gaye
kuch dukhate gaye

kisi kisiki roohein kosi kosi si raahein
koi kisiko chaahe kaske thami si baahein
kuch kuch jagaaya bhi tha
khud kuch jalaaya bhi tha

apne banaaye to hote nahin
sapno ke saaye to hote nahin

sapne woh sapne
tadpaane tadapne
honge pade
yahin kahin
jahaan kahin
wahin sahin

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


My Tribute to Life
The many-headed monster
Over-hyped & undermined
The knotted maze
with people walking in & walking out
of blind alleys & entangled paths
A puzzle missing parts without logic
Now I have the reason
No, I won't talk about it!

My Answer to Humanity
The mangled beast-
toes & tongues-
feet & fangs.
Rules, just smoke changing shapes!
Some say silence is an obscenity
Some say sense is a profanity
Now I have my answer
No, I won't talk about it!

My Antidote to The Mind
An ailment, all humanity is born with
A bundle of neurons bubbling with confusion
Seething thoughts breathing hard
Muffled gasps craving comprehension
Time & again I sought a cure
for the many sounds it makes.
Now I have an antidote
No, I won't talk about it!

My Weapon against time
An anachronism measured by minutes
An obsoleteness measuring lives
I made vain attempts to maim the wheel ;
trying hard to leave a mark, unarmed.
But now I have a weapon
No, I won't talk about it!

Silence - My choice, My weakness
But I still wonder:
Two minutes of silence
to mourn death -
how long would it take to mourn life?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Talaashte haiN

Batate nahiN haiN kisiko par haaN talaashte haiN
Zindagi to baaki hai, thodi jaaN talaashte haiN

chand lamhe chhalak-kar dil pe daag de gaye
yaadon me ham ek-aadh muskaaN talaashte haiN

beet gaye, saans lene ke vajah jitne bhi the
kuch naye bahaanoN ke mehmaaN talaashte haiN

ujaale malta tha din,raat cheente chidakti thi
khidki pe pehle wala aasmaaN talaashte haiN

ek umr gayi armanon ke manzil ki khoj me
manzil me ab apne armaaN talaashte haiN

jinhe zindagi de di, woh do pal dete nahiN
khud kuch waqt bebas-o-hairaaN talaashte haiN

ruka nahiN karti boondoN me bandhi kahaaniyaN
ham kyuN paaniyoN pe nishaaN talaashte haiN

matlab bhi to mausam se badalte guzarte haiN
tasveeroN me ham guzri daastaaN talaashte haiN

ham haiN kya yeh, bhool se jaate haiN kabhi
guzarti nazroN me apni pehchaaN talaashte haiN

dard to khilta hai dil me, magar sukooN nahiN
kya bataye is mui ko kahaaN kahaaN talaashte haiN

Batate nahiN haiN kisiko par haaN talaashte haiN
Zindagi to baaki hai, thodi jaaN talaashte haiN

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Some Frozen Bubbles

I see you in the crowd
Frowning & sighing loud
& I wonder-
is it my thought that makes you frown?

I heard the other day
you drank the night away
& I wonder-
Was I the reason you were feelin down?

Why cant I see you aren't thinkin of me;
you dont even notice me!
why do I think whatever you do,
whatever u say it is me,
that taunts you
that haunts you
though it ain't!

I am livin in a bubble,
tryin hard to break out of it,
trying real hard not to !!

I am livin in a bubble,
that aint there anymore,
that was broken long ago!!

I am livin in a frozen bubble !
I am livin in a broken bubble!!
I see you at the store,
Smilin but I am sure-
Yes I think-
that the smiles are all just fake!

You post some poetry
in some community,
& I feel
u think leavin me was a mistake!

Why can't I see you are over me;
you dont even miss me?
why do I care; why do I wish
the thng on ur mind is me,
that haunts you
that taunts you
though it ain't!!

I am livin in a bubble,
tryin hard to break out of it,
trying real hard not to !

I am livin in a bubble,
that aint there anymore,
that was broken long ago!!

I am livin in a frozen bubble !
I am livin in a broken bubble!!

why do I still wanna be somewhere on ur mind?
if you are over me why is it dat I'm left behind??

I am livin in a frozen bubble!
I am livin in a broken bubble!!
but ...I am livin'...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mist stains!

A silent night is stuck in my heart
The silence - a streak across my soul
The darkness shrieking to be let out

Trains of thought I do not begin
Trains of thought I cannot end
Faces without meaning
People without names
I cannot look away
They do not go away

A fistful of green grass
torn off the ground
Desolation! Desperation!!
A fistful of green grass
that refuses to wilt away in my head
A shade so green that it hurts

I tried closing my eyes
only to see
starker images
darker mirages

A silent night is stuck in my heart
The silence - a streak across my soul
The darkness shrieking to be let out

But there are times
when there is mist on my eyes
Mist I cannot wipe away
& I just walk on-
into another dark dawn

Sunday, September 17, 2006

We live on!

Each day is a ritual
& so is each night
Birds flying to paint dawn on the skies
Moon seeking shadows
to don over a fortnight
only to shed them over the next

Shadows tied to our feet
growing at dawn
fleeing at twilight
Reflections bound to our eyes
floating on water
flying all around as we move

No, nothing changes with time
but nothing is the same either
as we live on

hope is a superstition
& so is fear
But unlearning instincts
was never an easy task
virtues & vices
obsolete definitions
pronouncing us guilty

Smiles of contempt staining faces
Wait! I smell deception
Sorry- just my cologne
Just pull the blinds down
and go for the kill
What they know not, would not hurt them
don't be forthright
or be damned

Yes, everything changes with time
but everything is still the same
coz we live on

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Din- Raat

Dhoop saaya hai phoonke se udti nahin
Raat jugnu hai kabhi haath lagti nahin

Subah badi natkhat hai
Aati hai chaukhat pe
Chamakti hui chahakti hui
Aawaz de jaati hai
Leke thode ujaale naashte me
Har roz yun usi raaste me
Thodhi dhoop ladi main, nange paanv khadi main
Paanv jalne lage to, daude chaanv chadhi main
Dhool udake dhoop chudane chali thi magar
Dhoop saaya hai phoonke se udti nahin

Paniyon pe roz chand khilta hai
Choo loon to toota sa hilta hai
Saara shab bematlab kyun shor karta hai samandar
Kaali raat khaali raat par gaur karta hai samandar
Aag me kabhi haath senkti hoon kabhi raat belti hoon
Kabhi raaton me chuamchuii lahron se saath khelti hoon
Haule kinaaron ke konon pe chalna, lahren daude aaye to uchalna
Bheege ret pe dhat se phisalna,phir phisal phisal ke sambhalna
Aur phir aakhir jab main thak jaati hoon
Door khayalon me dheere sarakh jaati hoon
Moondi palkon pe neenden malke yeh jalti hai
Raat jugnu hai kabhi haath lagti nahin

Dhoop saaya hai phoonke se udti nahin
Raat jugnu hai kabhi haath lagti nahin

Utho na

utho na utho ab tum kuch bolte kyun nahin
dikhao hai kya mutthi me kholte kyun nahin
utho na chalo ab gussa thoonk bhi do

tumhe bandar-vandar bulaoongi nahin
kahin bhi bole bina jaaoongi nahin
utho na...

lete ho jab mujhko peeth pe bori
kaan kaantke bhaagti hoon
sunate ho jo mujhko misri si lori
sunte raat bhar jaagti hoon

peeth savari bithao na ghode
saayon se panchi banao na thode
utho na chalo ab gussa thoonk bhi do


saabun ke paani se bulbule phoonko
koond koondke phir phonde
jheel ke paani pe kankad yun phenko
woh langdi maarke daude

maa kahti hai tum uthne wale nahin ho
uthke bolo itna gussa bhi nahin ho
utho na chalo ab gussa thoonk bhi do

Friday, August 11, 2006

De do na!!

mutthi bhar roshni kar do soone se sehar me
chutki bhar chandni bhar do beraham dopahar me

aadhi hi sahin labon ko muskaan de do
sooni zindagi ko thodi si jaan de do

ek sadi ki nahin ek ghadi hi sahin
do kadam aasmaan aaj hamko yahin
de dona

sooni aankhon me armaan chidak jao
thahre dil me tum aake dhadak jao

boond kaafi hai ab doob jayega dil
chahaton, boond banke tapak jao

hai raahi ko bhi raaste ki khabar
aye rasta, ab tum khud bhatak jao

chup se honthon ko do chaar alfaaz de do
kabse baithe hain, ab humko aawaaz de do

umr bhar ke safar ka iraada nahin
do ghadi do kadam waise zyada nahin
de dona
subah baat karke dhuaan chod jao
jalte aasamaan pe ruuii odh jao

ruaa sa aasmaan ruaansa aasmaan
baras jaaye to thoda sa tod jao

seedhi lakeeron pe chalta hain waqt
aage rasta phir yahin ko mod jao

bewaqt bevajah kabhi dastak to de do
saath mera kabhi agle pal tak to de do

khokhle khaab kabhi nazar se guzarte nahin
tum waqt deke aankhon me thaharte nahin
de dona

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sooni si raatein

Ok now this is a different attempt... someone I donno came up with the situation below n the song dat follow is written by me...

hi bhai log....bahut dino baad ayaa hoon..ek nayee situation k saath....lez c dum ataa hai ya nahi....
it consists of two scenes....
the first scene is .koi daakbangla hai..some hilly area.raat ka waqt....this boy is sittin alone in a room....age btwn 22-25...lights are switched off..ek table lamp jal raha hai...ladka table par hi sir jhukaaye baitha hai...writin somethin...then he relaxes in the chair...apne haath se baal peechay karta hai....table se lagi hui khidki k baahar dekhta hai...but its winter night...and its unclear outside...he lifts himself up frm the chair....searches for something...and finds nothin on his desk...then searches for somethin in his kurta's pocket...and finds a ciggrt pakt...smiles....then looks for lighter..fumbles in the drawer...finds nothin....hits the table with his fist...and says...."badluk....badluk..."
rises suddenly.....and plays a song...voice of beghum akhtar fills the cold air of the room...ghazal plays"dekh to dil ki jaan se uth ta hai..yeh dhuan sa kahaan se uth ta hai...."..boy strolls to the balcony...looks down in the street...neechay aag jal rahee hai...koi baitha hua bhi hai...ladkay ki aankhon mein chamak dekhi jaa saktee hai..he puts his jacket on....and goes out....the ghazalis still playyin...

2nd scene:
boy reaches the fire place..ek boodha baitha hua hai wahaan..chaukidar hai ...he is smokin...ladka wahaan pahunchta hai..chaukidaar..chashme ke pechay se use dekhta hai...aur muskurata hai...kursi se uth jata hai...kursi charmaraatee hai....shayad chaukidar ki haddiyaan bhi...par sunayee nahi padhtee...
chaukidaar:kaahe bhaiya....aaj fir neend nahi aa rahee ?
boy:(shrugs his shoulders and smiles...)neend kya daddu....aap ki yaad kheench latee hai... neechay...h ehe he..
chaukidar:badhiya hai....yahi umar hai chaukidar aur kutto ko yaad rakhne ki ...badhiya hai..(boy grins again..)
chaukidar gives him a matchbox...boy lits his ciggrt...and sits beside the fire...
chaukidar: haan bhaiya....ab batao...kaa karat rahel ba itni raat ? ehaan to jaade se haadh kaampe jaate hain...
boy:kuch nahi ....daddu...chithi likh rahe the..tum kaho to tumhaare liye bhi likh dein...amma ko?he he he...(boy winks and laughs)...
chaukidar:thitholi....humse...are koi ghar par hoti to hum nahi aate yahaan sahar maa..tumhaara biyaah ho gaya bhaiya?
boy:kahaan daddu....hum bhi tumhaare jaise hi hain....dekho itna padh kar bhi kya fayda...hum bhi aap ke saath hi baith te hain..biyaah bhi nahi hua..h ehhee...
chaukidar: are to tumhaaree kaun umar ho gayee...ho jayegaa...bol do mathaarii (mother)se.
karay dengi jhat se...
boy:(thinking)....aise kahaan hota hai daddu...thitholi ki baat aur hai....
(ghazal jo upar kamre mein chal rahee hai..uski awaaz suni jaa saktee hai...)
chaukidar:ee kaaun ganaa hai....koi mujra-ujra hai kaa...hum jab ladka rahe to gaon mein saadi biyaah mein atee thee ganaa sune rahe....aisa hi kuch farsi mein gaat rahee sasuree...he hehe...(chaukidaar ki aankhon mein ladak pan ki kuch shararatein timtima shayad usne ki hoon par bolta nahi of his red,tobacco spoiled teeth are visible.....)
boy:kya baat hai daddu....yeh shauk bhi farmaate the....wais ye mujra nahi...ghazal hai...khair aap choro....aap k liye mujra hi sahi...acha ye batao ....chai ka kuch intezaam hai...?
chaukidar: haan hai naa...laate hain....uth kar jataa hai...
boy:dekh kar....aur chai hi mat utha lana ..he ehhe...
chaukidar leaves and boy smokes....dhuen ke challe bante hain aur aag ke dhuen k saath mil jaate hain..
chaukidar ..returns...with a cup of tea...ladka le leta hai....
boy:to daddu ...ghar par maan kab tak rahee...
chaukidar: bahut chota raha hi chal basee...bahut maar khatee the huamaraa baap se...
boy:hmmmm....tum bachaate nahi the?
chaukidar:are kaha naa..bahut chote rahe hum...tuhaar mthaaree ka jaane kaisa hiya hai....itni pyaree batein karte ho...kaaise chor deti hai tumhe?
boy:ab hogee to chodegee naa daddu....
chaukidar:hey ram....etna umar mein maa nahi rahee?kaa baat kar rahe ho?
boy:haan dadu....khatam ho gayee....
chaukidar:ch kharaab baat hi aisee umar se badi baat karte ho..
boy:(a bit sad.....yet smiling...)aisa?theek hai ab bache jaisa baat kareingay...
chaukidar:kab khatm ho gayeen...
boy:ho gayee bas...ab kab hui kaa kya karein....aise hi khatm ho jatee hain maayein ....apne ladko ki shaadi k sapne dekhte hue....unke marne ka koi wqt nahi hota daddu....
chaukidar:(puzzled.....scratches his head...)pata nahi kaa bol rahe ho...(beedi jalataa hai)
boy:(stands up....starts walkin....)chaloon dadda ..ab neend aa rahee hai..
chaukidar is in his deep thots...dun lstens...
boy comes to his room.....and reads a letter ....shayad us ki maan ka letter hai...tries to luk again out of the window..but there is fog again....
now i want the lyricst to write a song for this boy.....and his solitude...


And this is what I wrote:

Sooni si raatein hain saja de koi
Beeti jo baatein hai bujha de koi

Koi aake
Aankh bhar de
Aaj kar de itna to zara…
dheemi aanch pe zindagi chadhake
har raat peete hain pyale do pyale
raatein guzaare dhuaan udake
lagte nahin aankhon pe taale

dhundhule shab hain adhkhule lab hain
bade beraham hain yeh sab besabab hain

pyaale me phir pyaas bharna nahin hai

Koi aake
Aankh bhar de
Aaj kar de itna to zara…

Awaaz dete bhi hain ham agar to
aasmaan ke us paar jaati nahin hai
peeli si khat ka jawaab dene ko
khamoshiyaan likhi jaati nahin hai

kitne sawaal aankhon me pale hain
baaton me gumraah karne chale hain

usi raah me phir thaharna nahin hai

Koi aake
Aankh bhar de
Aaj kar de itna to zara…

Saturday, August 05, 2006

aapke liye

kabhi kisi ajnabi se umr bhar ke liye takrate hain
par jo hai usko ham koi naam dene se katrate hain

dost kahna chahte hai, par yeh naam to kaafi nahin
har kisiko bas dost kahe kya yeh naa-insaafi nahin?

On the eve of friendships day!
Dedicated to sweet accidents!


Raat dhale to khabar hai
Saans chale to khabar hai
Aag lage to khabar hai
Khaab jale to khabar hai

kahin zindagi pal rahi hai, khabar hai
kahin zindagi tal rahi hai, khabar hai
kabhi jaan me jaan aati hai, khabar hai
kahin se jaan nikal rahi hai, khabar hai

Har kone me koi na koi khabar pak rahi hai
Har aankh nayi khabar ko besabar thak rahi hai
Potli me, chalo, thodi aur jalti raat phenk le
Kal isi garam khabar pe apne haath senk le

Duniya ke parde pe roz naya tamasha lagta hai
Khabar ke libaas me dard roz hame thagta hai
Koi khabar khareedta hai, dard bikta hai baazaar me
Apni zindagi kahin bhool gaye, talaash hai ab akhbaar me

Sorry for makng it sound like -"No news is good news"!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tu roo roo roo ;)

Koi aaye bin bulaye din dubaaye jaaye haye
Koi aaye muskuraye dil churaye jaaye haye
har ek ghadi aaye
leke rangeen saaye
paas mere mandaraye
aur yahi gaaye jaaye

Oye guru hoja shuroo
tu bhi gaale too roo roo roo
Dil galte rahenge jamte rahenge
Pal chalte rahenge thamte rahenge

Saaz sunte rahenge bajte rahenge
khaab bunte rahenge sajte rahenge

Har shab aur har sahar
yeh sab yunhi bekhabar
bante rahenge bujhte rahenge
aise hi hubahu
oye guru hoja shuroo
tu bhi gaale too roo roo roo

(Ok, That is a combination of high spirits & Siddhu influence)

Aaj phir andhera...

Aaj phir andhera chupke se tere sang nikal raha hai
Bas ungli ke choo jaane se, har ang kyun jal raha hai

Bahane se khaab choone ko kabhi karvatein main le loon
Sargoshi kar jaaon kabhi, natkhat si aahaton se kheloon
Khamoshiyaan jalte dekh har lamha tang sa chal raha hai
Aaj phir andhera chupke se tere sang nikal raha hai

Tere gaal pe haule haule ugte hai kaante
Gardan pe mere, raat bhar chubte hain kaante
Tang hoke toka tha kabhi, ab bhi jang si chal rahi hai
Aaj phir yeh raat chupke se tere sang nikal rahi hai

Roz boondein baraste hain, aaj do aur baras jaaye
Raatein bujh bhi jaaye, ankhon me aahein bas jaaye
Khidki pe tanga gagan ab rang badal raha hai
Aaj phir andhera chupke se tere sang nikal raha hai

(for You-know-who...!)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Banjar hain

Banjar hain ... aankhen yeh banjar hain
ab to nazar bhi veeraan si soojhe
bas kaante se manzar hain
aankhen yeh banjar hain
neend uge na.. khaab khile bhi to kaise
dhoop bujhe na..raat mile bhi to kaise
dhoondh dhoondhke laaye raatein bhi to sukoon mile na
raatein yeh khanjar hain
aankhen yeh banjar hain
kitne bahaane boye
kitne dafaa ye roye
meri thaki thaki si aankhen
sookhi sookhi si aankhen
sui jaisi aansoon kitni chupke hai baithi kahin
rookhi si ye aankhen ab to chubti hain bahti nahin
ret ude ankhon me mere din-raat kabhi ye thame na
yaadein bavandar hain
aankhen yeh banjar hain

Friday, July 07, 2006

Pakhiyaan sang dil na rakhiyaan!!

Pag parchaiyan baandhe na pakhiyaan
kaun jaane kaun baras pakhiyaan ud jaave

Pakhiyaan sang dil na rakhiyaan sakhiyaan
jaane kab yun baras baras ankhiyaan chad jaave
Haye sab pakhiyaan ud jaave

kauno bhi ungli se ud na paave
pankh bhi ungli se ug na paave

udan jaave subah, mann saanjh thakiyaan
raina ke pal-pal, naina ke jal, haye takiya lad jaave
Haye jab pakhiyaan ud jaave

kauno bhi pankh tale chaanv na paave
dil me bas din hi jale, saanjh na aave

phoonke se mann kabhi bujhe na sakhiyaan
chulha jiya ka phoonke to raakha chakhiyaan pad jaave
Haye jab pakhiyaan ud jaave

( I know must be thinking...
Coarse choice of words
Hoarse noise of birds

Just a lesson learnt; never get used to things/people, around only for a while!)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chali ve

chali ve chali ve
chali manchali ve

dhundhula mausam bhagane chali ve
jahaan chila marham lagane chali ve

sookhe aankh, rukhe saakh
tote chhin, khote din
bikhre shab, ukhde sab
peeche chadke chali ve
khud se ladke chali ve

khali man karke chali ve
khalipan dharke chali ve

dhundhula mausam bhagane chali ve
jahaan chila marham lagane chali ve
tu phir aayega, aasmaan khilega
tu phir jaayega aasmaan chilega

bhauklayi aasmaan bina hi bhali ve

tu phir aayega, aasmaan khilega
tu phir jaayega aasmaan chilega
ise lele,jaane phir kahaan milega

apna aasmaan khud ugaane chali ve
jahaan chila marham lagane chali ve
maapke saaye pal pal jindagi kaati
dhoop dubaane ghar ghar roshni baati

thaki thaki si lage meri baavri gali ve

maapke saaye pal pal jindagi kaati
dhoop dubaane ghar ghar roshni baati
dhoondhne nikli main to looti-lutai lauti

koi sang phir mann lagane chali ve
dhundhula mausam bhagane chali ve
chali ve chali ve
chali manchali ve

To Sushma Again!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Life never asks me where to go
never takes the roads, I seek
Emptiness embraces me;
my heart, a Jigsaw-
the missing pieces eluding my eyes.

Unknown winds greet me & smile;
Seasons I hadn't reached out for!!
Memories adorn the walls,
I never thought of weaving!
Lives, I did not know exist-
now a part of my existence.

I search for a name
for my nameless thoughts
crossing many unfamiliar paths.

Life never asks me where to go
never takes the roads, I seek
takes me down alleys
where I meet sweet accidents

which gift me friends in veiled faces
who name all the wary ideas
that clumsily find their way out of my heart
donning letters of a strange tongue!

Unseen hands paint colors on darkness
Gently putting my thoughts in harness
Weaving a rhythm for my silence
saying li'l but making great sense
Building the pieces of my puzzle for me
Thanking life for what it is
just two words emptying emptiness-
'Ah Life'!!

Thank you, Sravanthi!

Monday, July 03, 2006


Ramya... For you!

daaliyon se tapakti boondein
khidkiyon pe sarakhti boondein
galiyon me chale to bhigoke
mere tan ko chakhti boondein
lakeere kheeche yeh jalti boondein
pairon ke neeche machalti boondein

kare badra
ka yeh parda
rukte chalte
rukh badalte
har taraf udti hai
manzar pe chadti hai
do boond ko ye manzar tarasta hai
saawan me yeh sauda to sasta hai
hawayein choo jaye
to pal me pighal ke
zameen pe barasti boondein
khilkhilake hansti boondein

kaun aasmaan ko nichod gaya
badalon ko baraste chod gaya
roshni mili to boondon ke zariye
saat rangon me ujaale tod gaya
aasmaan pe rang chadhati boondein
badalon ka sang chudati boondein

thak thak thak thak
darwazon pe dastak
dete hi jaaye
natkhat hawaayen
darwaazein khole
to aawaazein bole
jaise ye taane suna rahi hain
ya tiptip taraane bana rahi hain
kaliyon pe taal bajati boondein
galiyon me jheel sajati boondein

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fleeting Thoughts!

I still rule the dark domain of life where confusion prevails
Faces n shadows, none to help me wade o'er these travails
sometimes I wonder- do I lead a life or does Life lead me
though I need to decide thngs, the decisions don't need me
I tread by the holes on the way, where many fall & hide
But there is a hole within me, I thnk I am falling inside
I try to make thngs happen, I walk that extra mile
But thngs happen to me; my only choice- frown or smile
I choose to smile at the world around & frown at my reflection
coz I guess I am walking the extra mile in the wrong direction

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Me or Life?!

Worse than verse!!

Life, an awfully awesome maze
of things beyond time n space
Freezing nights & molten days
I stand and I drift away someplace
I run to keep out of the race!
does not seem to work anyways
But I try to keep a straight face
Now I know where to seek solace
enemy's defeat is in my embrace!
now no matter what anyone says
Cannot stop myself
...from hating to love life!
...from loving to hate life!!

Ae Beqadar

Kabhi kabaar ae beqadar tu mere dar aata hai
Jab bhi aata hai kyun dil mera yun bhar aata hai

Ek arse se chupaya tha jise maine saari duniya se
Tumhe dekhkar har woh alfaz labon pe utar aata hai
Jab bhi aata hai kyun dil mera yun bhar aata hai

Aisa bhi nahin ke apni aaj yeh mulaqaat pehli hai
Aaj tu kyun kuch alag sa kuch apna sa nazar aata hai
Jab bhi aata hai kyun dil mera yun bhar aata hai

Tumhe na sochoon main ab, dil mujhse iltaja yeh kare
Koshishein kii hazaron; tera khayaal magar aata hai
Jab bhi aata hai kyun dil mera yun bhar aata hai

Bas ek main mareez nahin, mujhe itna yakeen hai
Ek junoon sa chod jaata hai jab bhi jidhar aata hai
Jab bhi aata hai kyun dil mera yun bhar aata hai

Saturday, June 17, 2006

vague emotions!

Years of patience
Ages of hard work
Finally I was there!
Could not wait to break the news!
Running & panting, reached my doorstep
Crowd at home, already celebrating!
They knew! They cared!!
'Mom, I won it!'
Unlistening reply - 'He walked!'
I looked at my brother,
3 years my elder
many years my younger
Hero of the day,
ever since I remembered.
He walked!
His first step!!
A tear sneaked out of my eye-
A tear of joy?
A tear of jealousy??

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Glistening Shadows

An Ode to Reluctant Innocence & Deliberate Ignorance - SUSHMA

What do I remember when I think of you?
If only words could say all there is!
The lifts, the shifts
The b'days, the bad gifts
The unnoticed drifts
The shards of hope
The bundles of breathlessness
An era of restless groping
Few moments waiting with bated breath
A few days vanishing unseen
The numb seasons, the dumb indifference
Two drops of twilight in the backyard
The spread of warm sunshine on the road oft taken
A few walks, a thousand words
A smile breaking into a zillion sweet thoughts
The evenings when just the two of us were a crowd
Rest of the world lost in blissful oblivion
Coffee pub gossips
Cab trips, verbal whips
Bitter rendezvous; sweet calls
The innocent questions, the innocuous complaints
The confusion torn out of sight
The sermons & the understanding silence
Unending days, Weak darkness
Taking away a part of me
Leaving me more complete than before
Losing all I have, yet intact & untouched
Dark rooms...long shadows
Shadows glistening long after it's light
Memories aplenty when I think of you
But I remember you as the one who showed me...
Glistening Shadows!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Aur bhi hain

nazar hatake dekhenge to jahaan me silsile aur bhi hain
silsilon se shiqwa na kijiye,karne ko gile aur bhi hain

pinjre se muhabbat karne waale marzi se qaid ho jaate hain
aasmaan se rishtey banate nahin,udaan se gair ho jaate hain
udne ka armaan se ajnabi, ham jaise manchale aur bhi hai
silsilon se shiqwa na kijiye,karne ko gile aur bhi hain

aasmaan ko chode huye arsa hua, woh to bas naam hai
khokle manzilon ke peeche kitne parinde badnaam hain
aap akele nahin, yun aasmaan ko choone chale aur bhi hain
silsilon se shiqwa na kijiye,karne ko gile aur bhi hain

daayre mushkil se bharte hain, maayne badal jaate hain
khwahishen kya hai khuda jaane kaayde badal jaate hain
zindagi koi ik cheez nahin, yahaan pe faisle aur bhi hain
silsilon se shiqwa na kijiye,karne ko gile aur bhi hain

taras khaate hain, aur beemaar dil ko jaam de dete hain
pyaale me pyaas bharke use pyaar ka naam de dete hain
muhabbat ke maiqade me is qadar diljale aur bhi hain
silsilon se shiqwa na kijiye,karne ko gile aur bhi hain

shama phoonkne se andhera hain, andhere phoonkne se ujaala nahin
aap jis subah ka pata dhoondhte hain, nazdeek me woh ilaaka nahin
meelon me naape nahin jaate, benaam faasle aur bhi hain
silsilon se shiqwa na kijiye,karne ko gile aur bhi hain

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ah Life!

Slow sundowns & dim daybreaks,
Moving light & sliding shades,
Visiting seasons, melting flakes,
Some green grass, few yellow blades.

Some lingering smiles, some haunting faces
Few howls of laughter, some echoing screams
Some, trying hard to wipe out traces
Some, building hopes, celebrating dreams

Mute mornings, silent smiling company
Loud nights, crackling bonfire flames
Thoughtful walks, there were so many
Some playful glances, some love games

Messy infants , middle age odes
Muddled husbands, meddling wives,
Muffled footsteps, muddy roads,
Huddles & hurdles,lovers & lives.

Seen all this & maybe much more
I have lost count of things around
How do I say what else' in store?
Too busy into the lost & found.

Maybe my life is a picnic spot
People come for a while, and then move on;
But can't turn off their shadows, no matter what
Can't mute their sounds after they're gone!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I am Afraid!!

Among the ones I am more fond of; one of the oldest!

Yes!I am afraid to smile!
I do not trust guests,
here today, gone tomorrow,
leavin' me to spend the rest,
of days in agony n sorrow.
I do not know if this smile is gonna stay.
I do not wish to be smilin' jus' for a day.
Yes! I am afraid...

Yes! I am afraid to wish!afraid to hope!
I have always hated traitors,
& traitors are what these things are!
Deserting me midway here,
when they had sworn to take me afar.
These dying desires, these heartless hopes,
gimme wings to fly .
I am tired of all the wasted take-offs
they leave me alone & die.
Wherever I go there're tongues of fire,
licking away at my wings of desire!
In the end I'm left shedding tears
helplessly at my hopes' funeral pyre.
Yes! I am afraid...

Yes!I am afraid to dream!
These are as helpless as I am...
They promise to stay with me when my eyes are shut tight;
but beg my pardon & bid adieu at dawn, teary-eyed.
I am tired of understanding their helplessness & them.
I am afraid i cannot forgive them this time again.
Yes! I am afraid...

Yes! I am afraid to be happy.
Over the years I have been clueless,
about this thing people call happiness.
I have always been afraid of strangers.
There is definitely something strange about happiness,
'coz it has never visited me.
I do not want to be happy;
I do not wish to take a chance.
What if happiness does'nt want me;
What if it has other plans.
Yes! I am afraid...

Afraid to smile...
Afraid to wish...
Afraid to hope...
Afraid to dream...
I am afraid to be happy...

Koi aaya hi nahin

mere darwaaze tak aaj phir koi aaya hi nahin
tanhaiyon ke siwa kisine mujhe apnaaya hi nahin

roshni bhi mujhse khafa hai aaj kuch is qadar
hoon tanha yun; nazar me mere koi saaya bhi nahin
tanhaiyon ke siwa kisine mujhe apnaaya hi nahin

maut se utna khauff nahin jitna zindagi ka hai
in uljhi saanson ko jhelna mujhe kabhi aaya hi nahin
tanhaiyon ke siwa kisine mujhe apnaaya hi nahin

khud ko chod aaya main pichli ghadiyon me kahin
kuch yun khoya;phir khud ko dhoondh paaya hi nahin
mere darwaaze tak aaj phir koi aaya hi nahin

ek aahat ko tarasta hoon is khamosh aalam me baithe
sadiyaan guzre magar mujhe kisine bulaaya hi nahin
mere darwaaze tak aaj phir koi aaya hi nahin


To hold onto a fleeting thought;
To freeze in my heart a moment, short,
It is just words that I turn to.
In time’s maze, many forgotten stories,
When I wish to relive those memories,
It is these words that I return to.

So many hopes & so many fears,
many a smile & so many tears,
Just words to hold them all.
So many unspoken emotions
& so many unknown notions
Just words to unfold them all.

When together or when far apart,
Words are all we need to cross our heart;
Or just words to cross swords.
Life throws some easy, some tough clues
And words are all we get to use
Our lives are, but, crosswords!