Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Untold Stories

When the evening starts breathing heavily
silently slips away
a shade of red, however, still stains the sky

As the evening steps off the sky
a crowd of shadows settle in my courtyard
to gossip
about the things that happened through the day
about this, that and the other

how the maps have started to change faces
how the days have started to melt away
who was trying to fill moments in empty chasms
whose love is shifting loyalties
where are colors out on strike,
and why in heaven are they so?

some complaints
some judgements
some questions
some advice

I turn witness to these conversations
each night

If there be a hint of your name
I sit by and listen to stories all night long
in desire of a few consonants
in this crowd of shadows

There are many stories
restless and impatient
somewhere inside me too
waiting to be told
Come by sometime to chat me up
won't you please?!

An old Hindi poem re-written in English for certain audience!!