Friday, August 31, 2007

Raat bhi lambi laage!

ek khaab ke kone me ek syaah si raat mili
woh raat jo teri gali me utarke guzarti hai
kabhi raat ke peeche main bhi tahalne jo nikla karoon
woh lekar chalti hai kisi anjaan se saahil pe

geeli si mitti pe pairon ke nishaan tale
kuch narm si naazuk si khwahishein kinaaron pe

har din ki tarah samandar me bulbule bharti lahre
daudte huye aati aur saahil pe marti lahre
kya pata ke samandar me bikhri bhi kuch khwahish ho
aur raat me udte hue kuch khaab adhoore ho

dhoondha to bahut maine par aankhein tanha hi rahi
dhoondha to dekha maine paani khud pyaasa hai

phir samjha - lahron pe mohre to thaharte nahin
aur is sard se kohre me chehre bhi nahin milte

tu bhi to kabhi yunhi meri raat ke peeche nikal
tab jaanoge yun tanha lautna kya hota hai

ek khayaal ko odhe huye main jo kabhi mil jaaoon
dekhna tere chat par bhi koi saanjh pada hoga

raat bhi lambi laage
teri judaaiyon me
jaan ka tukda jaaye re


Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Christmas

Look at me
I am standing here on a busy street
waving & shouting out loud
But none ever looks at me

A Star for a fiver
A silver ball for a rupee
make your girl smile
make your child happy

please buy somethng from me
please buy somethng from me
please buy somethng from me

Everybdy's found a bzy road
I stand here, tired & wait
Won't somebdy sell me jus one smile?
I wanna live tomorrow again

Santa won't come behind
the park bench where I live
coz I don't have a fireplace
leave alone a chimney

So Bloody somebody
please buy somethng from me
please buy somethng from me
please buy somethng from me

Tommy wants a blue shirt
I don't want Tommy to wake up
to a torn & empty stocking

please buy somethng from me!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are Dinosaurs Extinct?

I like it when you whistle a 'hi'
I like it better when you just wink it at me!

I heard a dinosaur in a summery yellow day
Ah! I heard a dinosaur -
a T-rex dressed like a Sauropod

I still remember crumbs.
Thank God, I do!

Now, I dance to smiling afternoons
when swirling dusty winds play romance
on blazing empty roads

I heard a dinosaur in a raining silvery night
Ah! I heard a dinosaur
who now snorts down other ears

I still remember crumbs.
I wish I didn't!

I hate it when you bid 'good bye'
I hate it worse when you just leave without a word!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Kill this space!

A night settling guy problems of a 6-year-old
A window overlooking a graveyard
A stupid rapid fire questionnaire
Nicole Kidman & Anna Kournikova

A debate - do we yell or do we not?
A talk about rages at the steering wheel
concocted stories - "barbie & barbaa"
Important clients , a delayed breakup

A game of pictionary with family
A round of booze , friends crashing over
A splurge of poetry which made me smile
A random stranger vs. the boss' daughter

Hours together, before we hit the sack
Are we still there? Are we coming back?

Are you sleeping? or am I dead?
Why is my smile blue? Yours is still red!!

Are we through? or is it just my head?
I donno what! Can you lemme out?

Not that alone, the world is all stone
But then each day leaves a little void
I still remember having read your say
A vacuum, small, is a vacuum after all!!!

Are dinosaurs extinct?

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Purza purza raat jale
ab har dar bas khaak mila
shab bhar jalte saaye phoonke
phir bhi sahar naapaak mila

ghar se chale kisi aur dagar
phir usi afsaane pe pair pada
chub gayi wo shaam khaali si
wahi beraham ittefaaq mila

dil lagaakar dil khud kahta hai
'kismat to bahaana umda hai
kismat kos chalo, jo dil na mile'
zaalim dil ye chaalaak mila

band kamre me sab mausam to
bin dastak, aate jaate hain
kal hari thi peepal ki baahein
ab dekha soona shaakh mila

ziddi dil, toota sa, seene me
tanha kabse pada hai phir bhi
khwahish ugaane lagta hai
jab bhi aankh se aankh mila

purza purza raat jale
ab har dar bas khaak mila
har shab jalte saaye phoonke
phir bhi sahar naapaak mila

Friday, August 10, 2007


A dark sky & a bright streak

A wet street & rushing people
A black umbrella & four feet

Click! there is a story

A dirty wall & graffiti

Caricatures & self-anointments
Love confessions & swear-words

Click! there is a story

A broken barbie & a garbage dump

A brown girl with a sack of grimy polythenes
A gleeful smile & a new-found fortune

Click! there is a story

Wild cities & unsung predators

Pug marks & blood trails
A carcass & a bunch of vultures

Click! there is a story

A red lane & colorful camouflages

Yellow taxis, men with stained teeth
Waxed skin, pink bangles & pasted pastels

Click! there is a story

A big dark rectangle
Rows of small lighted squares

Closed windows & hidden episodes

Click! there is a story

Click away
Dark moments with wings
need to be stored in frames-

Click all you see
pick all you can

You cannot click
muffled voices
stifled emotions

A flash cannot illuminate
can it?