Tuesday, June 14, 2011

217. Dreams

You come by
every now and then
You don't tell me why
neither do I ask you

I mix us both drinks
the usual,
just a tad stiffer
than the last time
(we need it)

My living room
is where I sell you
reassurance and endurance

You stopped talking
the night I stopped listening;
so now I do most of the talking

They say purple umbrellas are the in-thing, this monsoon
Did you hear of this new salon that has opened up?
Ah, my boyfriend - he is such an adorable sleep-talker

All this while I notice –
the purple bruises on your ankles
the blisters on your hands
your eyes sore with fear

But no, we don't talk about all that;
Why wish away our woes, when we can pretend and make-believe?
What we don't acknowledge, does not exist!

You listen
You get high
You slur
You want to be silent
but your stares are intrusive and questioning
and then I know -
you are ready for the same old lies

And then I lie
about hope

I talk of statistical proof
I talk of super heroes
I talk of human kindness
(and the play I saw last night, that made me choke)
I talk of
how a lion adopted a baby antelope
in Kenya, not too long ago

It is all about faith
It is all about learning to wait

What else do I say
when I know - what you want; and that  you want it bad
when I know - you try; and that you try hard
and I know it is still not possible

So I lie
about hope

Good - you know not
that hope
is just another four lettered profanity

Good  - you know not
that I have buried,
in my backyard,
about two dozen
bruised dreams like yourself
murdered by skepticism

And while you fear that
the end may just be around the corner,
I hope that
the end actually is