Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dasht banaa hai khusk nazar ye
khaab ke thode abr sajaa doon
kabse pade hain sabz iraade
lab pe zaraa inhe lafz banaa de

come on, come on, out wherever you are!! :D :D :D


haule haule ras barsaa jaa

karvaton me bikhri raaton me pyaar de
khwahishon me lipte seene sawaar de
mere chehre pe tere saaye pahnaa jaa

lahrein ho hazaaron, kinaare do chaar de
lahron pe sulagta aasmaan utaar de
rooh ko bhigoke jism tu bujhaa jaa

Remember that Aamsutra.. slice ad with Katrina...
well, couldn't stop myself!! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Morning After

tell me now tell me then
tell me how tell me when
the sky went red
when we were in bed
don't you just live inside my head?

you so hot, buy me a whistle
or if not, just try not to sizzle
what have i said
that you've turned beet red
don't you just live inside of my head?

we are a dream, dark chocolate and cream
you let out a gasp, i try not to scream
the next morning we dread
all the things unsaid
but wait, don't you just live in my head?

yes, it is kinda incomplete... but well.. i am both lazy and impatient...!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

But then...

I thought I would forget but then...
that I won't be upset but then...

when I asked life for a li'l time
I thought it would wait but then...

Oh he?! he moved out of my life
I put up a board to let but then...

it is the same time of the year again
the same season when we'd met but then...

I keep scouting for reasons to hate him
I have not found one yet but then...

I know I am the one who preached
'forgive and forget' but then...

they said it would be impossible for me
to be such an idiot but then...

my brain is just a crazy monkey
i tried to find a vet but then
:D :D :D :D

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

a rhyme tonight

been ages since I did it , let me try and rhyme tonight
don't act like a celebrity, Night, gimme some time tonight

the day a total disaster and sobriety is my penitence
Waiter, don't die of surprise, just a soda lime tonight

what was exciting is now a ritual; Life, what've you done to us?
let's not hold hands, Sweetheart; feels like a crime tonight

when your eyes don blue sarcasm, I wince with pleasant pain
don't talk and ruin my mood, just sit and mime tonight

syntax and convention, didn't you gimme a zillion sermons?
don't gimme that look for trying something sublime tonight

the lazy earth just went around the sun but twice
and all the seasons I saw, lemme show you sometime tonight