Saturday, May 14, 2011

216. Indignation

do you know what it means
to be oppressed?
to be labelled?
to be categorized by presumptuous humankind?

do you what it means
to be thought that
what you stand for
what you feel,
what you are,
does not warrant
at the very least, an attempt at any of these?

do you know what it means
to be thought of
as irrelevant...
and worse still,
inconsequential & disposable?

do you know what it means
when it's a foregone conclusion
that you are not as human as the rest of them?

I know.
I noticed what it means.
I thought I was free.
Yet, I chose to walk out last night
foregoing the right
to hold the hand of the person I love most,
my boyfriend.

For the fear
of being arrested or worse,
I walked out
foregoing the right
to hold his hand.

For I am gay.

& there was a mob of moral police
waiting to make the world a better place.

a better place?!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

215. choohon ki daud (rat race)

 samjhaana bujhaana to hai shauq sabka ich
 kuch bhi jaane na jaane samjhaane me kya hai?

 aise ich har din hamshaql subahein mile aur
 pooche - "be-shaql shab me gum jaane me kya hai?

 saare manzil ye gar ret ke hain mahal to
 yun hi gumnaam se tham jaane me kya hai?"

 main bola - "miyaan, aise load le re tum kaiku
 daftar, manaane ko maatam, jaane me kya hai?"


logaan nahin, aise ich baataan karte jaa re, karte jaa re!!!
kya soch le re ki kya ki, maaloom ich nahin!!!!