Thursday, November 27, 2008


sadak sunsaan hai

bejaan sa aasmaan sadak ke us paar
apna roshan libaas utaar raha hai

halke se saaye barasne lage hain
khamosh se shaam par

aur kahin door dareechon se
ek shamma jhaank rahi hain
par ye choti shamma kya jang ladegi
kaali raat se

main roz yahin inhi nazaaron ko dekhti hoon
aur sochti hoon -

jab tum saath hote the
yahin nazaare kitne khoobsurat lagte the

kuch to baat thi tumhari nazron me
jinke sohbat me har manzar pe raunak si chad jaati thi...

seene me
tumhari kuch narm nazrein chunke chhipa leti to
har shaam shayad yun berang-o-beqas na hoti...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Chessboard life

why do you live a chessboard life, boy
& yet not move by the rules?

why do you still color the boxes
with ivory dreams
& burgundy plans?

why do you choose to be knight
at war
when you are the crown prince?

why do you see through the rooks & bishops
trying hard to make you smile?

why does your board have so many more squares
than the rest?
why do you choose to stick to the checkered sky?

why do you play on
when there is no opponent left?

why do you live a chessboard life, boy
& yet not move by the rules?

Where do we go next when all we want is ours?

To one of the few rockstars I know & am glad I do!!


in what
we were not
to be
fail to see
& flee
from the mind
to find
we leave
the reason we fought
& distraught