Saturday, January 24, 2015

247. Words

A Translation

what language is this
that we speak in?

the more the words we speak
the more their purpose
seems to fade away

as if emotions are sad
to step into words
as if they wish to remain
frame-less and nameless

as if pain is embarrassed
to don sounds
as if it wishes to live
unclothed and silent

do you remember
had set up home
in a deaf-mute moment?

come on

let's sit still and silent
for some time
and see

who knows
maybe we will return home

who knows
maybe we will come alive

Friday, January 23, 2015

246. Zubaan

yeh kaisi
zubaan hai apni?
guftagu karte karte
zindagi ke maayne
bujhne lage hain
jaise udaas hain jazbaat
lafzon me utarke
jaise unhe bejism gumnaam hi rahna tha
jaise dard sharminda hai
awaazein pahanke
jaise unhe belibaas khamosh jeena tha
yaad hai
ghar basaya tha apna
kisi goonge-bahre pal me
kuch der
dekhte hain
chup baith-ke
kya pata
shayad ghar laut aaye phir apne
kya pata
shayad zinda ho jaaye
phir se