Wednesday, February 25, 2015

252. The deviant prankster

the dangers of boredom

the comfort of multiple standards

oh, god bless us!
he looks bored

that can be


the last time he was
he peeled the painted black shadows
off the city streets
left behind
freckled infant moons
on the pavements

the moons
shrieked gleefully
like banshees
all night
and pooped
dew and star dust
all over the sky courtyard

we had to charge him
a fine
to compensate
for the new black veil
we bought
to hide the starry sky


and there was
the time when
he plucked -
all echoing silences,
and jarring politeness,
and charred sense -
off conversations
and confabulations

there were
jazz songs
sung at annual investor meets
shocking the stock market

and, of course
who can forget the
soft porn in the evening news bulletin?!

who knew
news and annual reports are,
but confabulations?!


and last winter
he hunted
dreamy hearts
clad in boring grey caution,
winked at them,
and sent them
down a love spiral

ah, the fights and the divorces
all over the city

we had to
banish him
from the city for a bit,
for upsetting the moral fabric
of the society

how he laughed at
and winked again?!

so adorably

I remember 
the predictably uneventful season
that followed

don't say that


not to forget
the season when
he chased and stole the ocean waves
because he was so done
with contemporary fashion,
and stepped out
wearing salty foam pearls
and nothing else

ah, the traffic jams
lasted for months
and we had to charge him
with indecent exposure

and he turned up at the hearing
donning nothing
but butterfly rainbows

what a sight?!


we should be careful
he could outrage our decorum
and upset our honor

so we ought to reject
his anticipatory bail

of course
why deprive ourselves of
a hearing?!


god bless us!
he looks
so viciously bored

if I were you
I would not step out

and if I were you
I so would;
and I think I will

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

251. Ajnabi musaafir

woh kaun hai?
aaya hain kahaan se?
lagta hai uske lahje se
usne bhi ik duniya dekhi hai
mere jahaan se juda
par shaayad utni hi uljhi
uski aankhon me
kahaaniyaan likhi hain
lekin kisi alag tahreer me
jise main padh nahin paata

mujhe poochna hai us-se

kya uski mehfil me bhi
udaasiyaan bikhri rahti hain
baukhlaayi si
anokhi mauziki ki sohbat me
kya uske yahaan bhi
log chehron pe sawaal
pahanke nikalte hain
kya uski galiyon me bhi
har roz kachahriyaan lagti hain
muqadme chalte hain
jahaan har koi
vakeel bhi hai
mujrim bhi hai
aur qaazi bhi

mujhe poochna hai us-se

par dar lagta hai
uska jawaab sun-ne se

kahin aisa na ho
ke meri ummeed bebuniyaad ho

kahin pata na chale ke
suljhe se mahaul 
mumkin hi na ho

mujhe poochna to hai
par sochta hoon
yeh sawaal-jawaab karte to hain

lekin phir kabhi

Saturday, February 07, 2015

250. Kahaani har shaayar ki

Harkaton hasraton ka hisaab lagaa gaya
Kaif-asar khwaab laajawaab jagaa gaya
Aadatn aasmaan tatola kisine jo kabhi
Tadapta tarasta maahtaab ugaa gaya

(And that is 250. Kinda. The story will repeat itself.)

249. A recipe for adventure

Or a recipe for disaster (depending on your leanings, the circumstance, and the weather)
Half a glass of imprudence
A whiff of a predetermined argument
A hint of denial
A pinch of knowing silence
Two miles of unruly twilight
A jig to music yet to play
unaware of the startled audience
or their absence
Four vowels disguised as consonants,
as conversation
Obscure desires masquerading as mayhem
And then,
wait and watch
Or better still,
don't wait
Just close your eyes!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

248. Jagraata

soona soona sa hai
maatha mere ambar ka

kuch to dikha de re
koi aadha toota chand hi sahi


banjar hain meri rookhi sookhi palken

likhe gin ginke
khaate sab chhin ke
kaati saari jagraate yaadein masalke

phir se chakha de re
ummeed ki jhoothi boond hi sahi


banjar hain meri rookhi sookhi palken

sapne bhi banjaare
gaye kabke saare
khaali khuli meri aankhon se nikalke

phir se sikha de re
thodi kachhi tooti neend hi sahi