Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Barsaati shaamein yaad hain
gungunaati raatein yaad hain
roothi subahein yaad hain
kya tumko yaad hain?

bagiya me tahalna yaad hai
yunhi jhagadna yaad hai
dhoop me baithe sadiyaan yun hi
baatein karna yaad hai

Jabse aayi ho zindagi me, Pidi
Jee kare bitaaoo sang tere har ghadi
Jabse aayi ho zindagi me, Pidi
Har cheez khoobsurat lagti hai badi
jab bhi tum
mere paas aake
aise khilkhilaake hansti ho
bejaan lab besabab se mere khilne lagte hain

jab bhi tum
mujhpe bevajah
bigadti barasti ho
mere dil me patjhad sa hone lagta hai

teri aahat mera aashiyaan
tera saaya mera aasmaan
teri roothi meethi baaton ke tinkon se hai mera jahaan...

jabse aayi ho zindagi me, Pidi...

:D :D :D

Thursday, January 08, 2009

ud jaate ho

ankhiyon me aate ho
rattiyaan bitate ho
subah jo ankhiyaan kholoon
kahaan ud jaate ho

pag lage honge kahin to
jag bhar nishaan main dhoondhoon
kaun jaane kis badri pe
paanv rakh jaate ho

subah jo ankhiyaan kholoon
kahin ud jaate ho

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The elves

while I pin a new whim on my lapel
at dawn everyday
and wait for a knock
on my oak door

while I die breathless
each night
seeing the waves make lazy noises
in the darkness

while I blow off -
in dreamy encounters -
brown hugs woven into my blanket
by anonymous love

while I check black words
in my mail box
walking down many miles
never to return

while I push my walls
again and again
to make room in my shack
for my red furniture

they come when I am not looking
and slice my marble hills
into neat cubes
with a hot butter knife

I don't dream their husky voices
Be careful what you wish for
'coz you jus might get it

Each morning I wake up
to find smirks and foot steps
on my carpet
making me smile like never before

Did you leave your door open?
You should!
How I love them?! :D :D :D