Thursday, May 29, 2014

237. Closure

the reptilian skies 
shed their night skins,
each dawn;
how we wish we could shed our past too?!

ain't it tough -
walking through these alleyways
filled with razor-sharp shadows
of moments long gone?

flickering memories
bickering memories
snickering memories


we trade 
shooting stars for empty dreams 
through sleepless centuries

we dress 
tainted music in white noise 
with clenched fists

we brave 
uncomfortably familiar conversations 
for desperate romances

juggling memories
snuggling memories
struggling memories

we wonder -
why tomorrows cannot be yesterdays?

why everybody puts off
burning those letters 
hidden at the bottom of their chests
of heartbreaks and nightmares
and unanswered questions?

why stories leave us 
but never die
while we sit here
waiting to hear their obituaries?

shuffling memories
baffling memories
stifling memories

waiting for closure