Friday, February 27, 2009

meri subah lena, meri shaam lena
magar lab se yun hi mera naam lena

hawaon pe rakhke, bheje hai bose
khidkiyaan kholkar mere paigaam lena

kabse betaab se baithe hain yeh labon pe
aakar chuuke mujhko, aah iinaam lena

muskuraane ke tum yun vajah ban gaye ho
main bhi bunoo bahaane, tum unhe thaam lena

ham mile hi nahin juda hone chale hai
pad raha, hamko aaghaaz me hi anjaam lena

as pleasant accidents continue to interrupt life... :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

aashiq bante gaye

is jahaan ke aashiq bante gaye; har zubaan ke aashiq bante gaye
hai kasoor sahin betaab se har daastaan ke aashiq bante gaye

naqshon raston se oobke hamne jaise hi parwaaz chuna
hawa ko pahanke zameen se ude, aasmaan ke aashiq bante gaye

hamse pehle hi aa pahunche, hamare baad bhi chalte rahenge yunhi
be-ibtedaa be-intehaa har armaan ke aahiq bante gaye

har safhe par phir se wahin puraane kuch alfaaz likhe
zindagi phir bhi ham tere andaaz-e-bayaan ke aashiq bante gaye

aisa bhi nahin khushfaham hai ham, tu fikr na kar dil-e-badgumaan
us shaks ki har ik nuks ko ham pehchaanke aashiq bante gaye

hai ishq se shukr mijaaj yahaan, hai ishq se ruswaa naam yahaan
phir bhi mehfil ko sajaake har mehmaan ke aashiq bante gaye

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

But yes, of course!!

Her status message read: "A hundred days and I already love him so much"
and it was not about me of course.
Now for those of you, who know not - love is like an addiction with both of us... and we love each other, Archu and me- at least whenever we find time... so today we were at it again (when i saw her status message hinting at someone else :P)- ... proclaiming our eternal love for each other between the flings that we perennially have with the rest of the world.


Sri: do you measure time in smiles now?
do you seek dawn in lazy words?
do you sing thoughts to orange walls?
do you sleepwalk through conversations?
do you whistle a hi and do you wink a bye?
do you?

Archu: i do, i do
i will sing for u from orange walls.
you will find my kisses splendid in apple orchards
and my words blowing with the wind
all my love will pour with the rains
and burn you in passion forever

Sri: in winters, the trees shed leaves and the sky sheds stars
in wait of black silence on a pale yellow scrap
but you blow me dust on lazy afternoons...
is it fair? i guess not!!

Archu: i will wake you up with a kiss
and you will see spring flowers,
blooming all across your mind and heart ,
lighting your spirits...
then we will take a flight to the la la lands
and sing our songs
to the dinosaurs

Sri: :O
i thought so too ...
that love is an endangered emotion
while most make it out to be a cocktail
of smudgy whisky glasses and crumpled sheets
of ruffled hair and forgotten promises
but i knew we would find them
the dinosaurs
albeit in a brittle glass safari
lets see if we ride the dinosaurs
or become prey
lets see... if we take them for walks each evening or...
just become dinosaurs ourselves
lets see

Archu: we are evolved in love,
we can write, we can sing,
poor dinosaurs- we will teach them to dance to our tunes
and rock a few mountains or two
then with our taming,
they will make us your forgotten breakfast
of cranberry juice and fourteen kisses

Sri: how could i forget-
how we had dreams for dinner and snuggles for dessert...
how we danced in the bath...
how we played hide and seek behind purple curtains...
but then love is a meal with a zillion courses...

and have you ever heard of too much sunshine...
too much moonlight...
too many blossoms in the garden...
or too much togetherness
i have not... coz i love you... :)

when you laugh with me and we scare the clouds away...
when you dance with me and we bring down the world...
when you look into my eyes and sprinkle new seasons...
i will just watch you gamble parts of me away

i am just a lucky dog...
i am just a crazy bitch...
and hundred days with a hundred others,
will not change me a bit

:) :) :)