Tuesday, April 21, 2015

256. My storytellers in Morocco

tell me
for I want to hear it all
though I doubt
there are words enough
to tell it all
what did you feel
when you
saw mile-long wavy blankets
of sand
with yard-long shadows
of self
when you
sat atop the ships of the desert
with their long nonchalant strides
and droopy eyelids
when you
stood on a dune
with a gust of a desert wind
locked in your hair
when you
gazed at an intricate carpet
(which must have taken years in the making) -
a mute audience to the gossip of its makers
while they wove magic with their dexterous fingers
when you
spotted a lone tree, a stubborn shrub
holding fort
valiantly and persistently
against the tenacious desert storms
when you
chased the sun
blazing down, one hour;
and racing to seek the desert blanket,
the other -
inspired by your footprints
across the dunes
when you
came across
kind strangers in colorful robes
strange kindred souls taken in
by snakes and monkeys
pretty women with bashful looks
restless men with wistful demeanor
tell me
for I want to hear it all
of the places where you stood and smiled
and the moments of beauty that made you sob
of the times you felt like conquerors of eternity
and the times when you surrendered,
conquered by the magnificence
tell me
when you find time.
but do tell me,
my storytellers in Morocco
An ode to the lovely couple who are chasing the sun

255. Ellipses

when someone
smiles at me,
i amusedly
i smile
waiting in
that it will be
a while
I see
'coz i...

i drop strange
to strangers
on sites
trapping in
them, cages
their pointless
turn pages
on conversations
that fight
to stay

i drop vowels
into wells
stand still and
mumble spells
wishing that
you hear them
if you do
then do tell
if you are
doing well
i ...

i am

i am
not doing

i am
not doing
at all

i am
not good
at this

i am
not good
in rooms
by sounds
of my clucks and sighs
and ticking clocks
and clicking keys

i am
not good
that end
in ellipses

not good
at waiting

not good

"You are so fuckin' special... I wish I was special!! But I'm a..."