Monday, May 24, 2010

206. Dodging Alliterative Exclamations

I am aware
I am awake

But let me ignore
the knocks on the old oak door

Let me ponder instead
the convenience of prejudice
the uncertainty of emotion
the sanctity of stupidity
the reliability of dreams & dead-ends
the ambiguity of dynamics
(and the dynamics of ambiguity,
if I may)

Let me pretend there is more
to this evening than mere sighing bliss
Let me paint a little pain
Let me amuse myself
Let me marvel

What lies beyond that oak door
but happiness?!
Well, they say
I am already as happy as they come

So let me ignore the knocks for a change

Let them wait -
the thoughts of
porn and projectiles
paandus and piñacoladas

Let them wait-
the alliterative afternoons
with nondescript happy endings
(& snappy 'bending's)

Let them wait
It's been a while
since I traded words for gasps

You still ask me why?
Did you not notice that
for many a month now
happiness has been the pain in the ass?!

You know what I mean!

While we are on alliteration,
Voluptuously virile V**** valiantly verbalized various vagaries vindictively!
Sexy sweetie S********* somnambulantly saunters streetwise singing slokas somberly!!

:D :D :D :D

But of course I did not come up with them.
I do not possess such talent, do I? They just inspired me to explore alliterative alternatives! :P