Sunday, September 30, 2007


roshni ko khauff hai
mil na jaaye phir kahin
khaab koi raat ka
subah ki aad me

kya bataaye
kya dekha tha

thode, soone seene ke ghar pade the
thode bujhe se raahon par khade the

ujle ungliyon ki aanch se
mere dar pe saare mar gaye

roshni ko khauff hai
mil na jaaye phir kahin
rang bikhre saanjh ke
subah ki aad me
kya bataaye
kya dekha tha

parchaiyaan pahanke nikalti dopahre
ummeedein ugalte nigalte woh chehre

neend khuli to dhoop udi
aankhon me andhiyaare bhar gaye

roshni ko khauff hai
mil na jaaye phir kahin
hisse toote neend ke
subah ki aad me

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Har raat ki kahaani

Waise khwahishon ko likhte padhte nahin
par ham hain ki kuch bhi samajhte nahin


badi mehrbaan hoon
shab-e-tajaruba hoon
subah ko saba hoon

Dhoond le ishq meri zameen par

yahaan hoon wahaan hoon
hawaa hoon dhuaan hoon
har kiski duaa hoon

Chod de ishq meri zameen par

jaan baqsh doon, jee vaar doon
jaan kaat-ke sau baar doon

har saans ko parwaaz de doon?

kal khaali aasmaan bhar dengi


ud lo zara to peeche peeche mausam bhi aayenge
saayon se jhadkar kheenche se ham bhi aayenge

ek umr kya; hazaar doon
seene ki shikan sawaar doon

har saans ko parwaaz de doon?

kal khaali aasmaan bhar dengi


peshani pe ab raat rakh le, aankhon ke faasle bhar jaaye
labon ki har baat chakh le, khamoshiyaan dabke mar jaaye

nigaahon se sukoon udhaar doon
in aankhon se junoon utaar doon

har saans ko parwaaz de doon?

kal khaali aasmaan bhar dengi


kal subah
ek chehra hoga, ek naam hoga
kahin thahra hua koi kaam hoga

kahaani hogi par baat nahin hogi
peshani pe thami si raat nahin hogi

par jab raat hogi
phir saansein udengi

aur khaali aasmaan bhar dengi

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On My Own

I changed houses
I moved into a dream
with an angel
who wore
my favourite part of the day
all the time
Was it a cloud?
was it a shroud?

I went blind
the windows were all nailed
the hinges were all rusted
but deaf-mute caresses
do not leave
space to breathe
the drying dew
was there a cue?

I open my window today
to autumn leaves & noisy winds
to alien smells & hideous sights
I am scared
but I think I will find my way
I think I will make
my own favourite part of the day


I found a map
& took the right turn
that wasn't there
but then, my angel,
he did not tell me
he would head straight
Should I hit a brake?
Was it a big mistake?

I see a street
the pavement
a crowd of broken stories
I reach out
for that hand
which is around no more
Am I free?
Should I flee?

I unhook my shadow today
I have been in the dark long enough
I can leap ahead blind-folded, unarmed
I am scared
but I think I will find my way
I think I will make
my own favourite part of the day

The Call

I waited, punching on the remote
staring at the screen
the flickering images making me no sense

I waited, flipping through the magazine
staring unseeingly at the same page
again & again

I waited, brushing my hair
every other few minutes

I just did not want to fall asleep

I made myself a cup of tea
strange, it took longer than it usually does
but shorter than I wanted it to take

I waited last night
I waited till late into the night
I waited till it was night no more

I waited for the call which never came
& now it is night again.

But I am sure -you will call tonight!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

De do na!!

A re-post! Had posted this last August 11th...
you may ask em why?
well,for now, make do with the knowledge that this is my tribute to human stupidity (my stupidity)
I think this is apt for what I currently think!
I hope you like it!

mutthi bhar roshni kar do soone se sehar me
chutki bhar chandni bhar do beraham dopahar me

aadhi hi sahin labon ko muskaan de do
sooni zindagi ko thodi si jaan de do

ek sadi ki nahin ek ghadi hi sahin
do kadam aasmaan aaj hamko yahin
de dona

sooni aankhon me armaan chidak jao
thahre dil me tum aake dhadak jao

boond kaafi hai ab doob jayega dil
chahaton, boond banke tapak jao

hai raahi ko bhi raaste ki khabar
aye rasta, ab tum khud bhatak jao

chup se honthon ko do chaar alfaaz de do
kabse baithe hain, ab humko aawaaz de do

umr bhar ke safar ka iraada nahin
do ghadi do kadam waise zyada nahin
de dona
subah baat karke dhuaan chod jao
jalte aasamaan pe ruuii odh jao

ruaa sa aasmaan ruaansa aasmaan
baras jaaye to thoda sa tod jao

seedhi lakeeron pe chalta hain waqt
aage rasta phir yahin ko mod jao

bewaqt bevajah kabhi dastak to de do
saath mera kabhi agle pal tak to de do

khokhle khaab kabhi nazar se guzarte nahin
tum waqt deke aankhon me thaharte nahin
de dona

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vengeance of a loving heart

You locked me up
in your big dark house
I painted blue skies
on all your walls
Now every time
you enter your house
all you see is blue
all you see is clouds

You tied me down
to a starless night
I stretched my arms
& flew away with it
Now every time
you open your door
all you see is yellow
all you see is day

You closed your window
on my face
I pasted my smile
on your sill
now every time
you look out at the world
all you see is
my smile on a zillion lips

You hurled my song
on a cobblestone walk
i just went mute
& I still am
now every time
you take a step
all you hear is
my silence creaking under your feet

Now you crave a home
you crave that night
you crave my gift
that smiling song

how you wish you did not do
all that you did
how you wish
oh, how you wish!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sleep, Darkness, You & Me!!

This is an age-old Jugalbandi...! Thought this surely deserves a place here!
Thanks Archie!
& thanks Bling & Hobbes for occurring to Archie when she was writing this with me!!
Thanks me for an awesomely meaningless conversation! :D

Thanks to the Eco endterm tomorrow which is driving me to post insane stuff!! lolz!!


sri : last night
sleep did not join me in bed.. neither did you!

arch: why did not that bitch sleep come?

sri : it likes sleeping with you...

arch: i am straight
i had darkness with me last night
he is nice....
he doesn't hurt me
but then when that ass hole light comes...
he runs away
i wonder why cant he stand her

sri: did he keep you awake?
did he try, too hard?
but then he never had colors to wear, never wanted them either...
maybe that is what keeps him away

arch: he wears colors for me.... he knows i love them.... he can't disappoint me....
he doesn't keep me awake...
he is happy with even watching me sleep
says he sleeps in my sleep even more peacefully...

sri : then why did he never come my way?
i am colorful too
and am always game for a pillow fight
then why was my bed empty but for 2 strands of hair?

arch: he is straight too!!!!

sri: send him home sometime...
maybe he can try me once
i was straight too not long ago
but then this - ain't bad at all!

arch: hmmmm will ask him....lets see what he says
hes adventurous but
then i have tlod him about you
he likes people who write weird stuff
and are as big idiots as me
but he is scared of sandu....
says she can be senti

sri : darkness is all i ever wanted
even before i knew he existed
he can do whatever he wants
after i fall asleep
sleep me and darkness will be quite a threesome

arch: like bling does when you are asleep....
he kisses my nose...thats you....
he is open to anything but i am afraid he loves being loved....
you love him so deeply
he will be affectionate to you
he is gentle
he is kind
but when he goes to his deep dark mode
i am afraid he falls for blood

sri : red darkness has never crept on my walls
just for once i want to see that creep
and check out how deep he is
& then i wouldn't seek anymore

arch: he makes you addictive
he makes your insides scream
he will erase you from the peace's map
he will make you see color in dark
he will make you crave dark in the light...

sri: i do see him all the time
each time i close my eyes
each time i pull down the blinds
each time i slide under the covers
don't ask me what we did the last time around
but then i don't know why
sleep does not visit me
with him around
am I too busy for her
she can make me see things
much worse than he ever did
every night in my dreams i see you i feel you

arch: she makes you see things you might want to see....
but he makes you see things you never want to see....
and beyond......
par the boundaries of what you can see what you want to see
and even what you don't want to see.....
and he will never leave me.. he will drag you for me

sri: sight is a handicap
i don't want it anymore
i like it the way i am
with him around
blind as love
and dead as a night
let him drag me let him drown me
let him... will he?

arch: he loves it..
he loves me..
if i say..
he will....
we have been together forever..
he cant disappoint me...
my first love he is... { fourth first that is}...

sri: just noticed - don't know if i should tell you
but he lives in my pajamas when they aren't down
yes, it is dark in there
when they are up n moving

arch: he hides so you don't get scared....
he has got many things to him...

sri: yes he wears and he wears me out
when he does all those unspeakable things to me
i can see what i want to and not see what i don't
when he is with me
which he seldom is

arch: he will be for you love him so much..
he wont deny you.. you adore him i can see...

sri : he is prose when he slides on my skin...
he is poetry when he dives right in
he is rhythm when he moves down me
he is the night for the rest of the world
but then he snores me the sounds of crickets
and his stubble pricks me at all the wrong places
no wonder sleep that lazy dame
never ever comes to bed with me
my bed is empty but 4 your memories n two strands of hair
neither is it dark nor can i sleep
take me away
take me away from me!!!

arch: thats not snores...
its the sneeze.....
when he screams world stops spinning....
and when he is pure passionate..
he will kiss your soul out of you...
he will take you away from you

sri : i cant wait i cant breathe
yes i am coming he is coming...
we are coming ..
and i can see she is coming too!
sleep my elusive bed-partner

arch: i will make sure she doesn't come near you and let you experience the exotic partner.

sri : pray let her! let her be let her see
let her cry, let her creep
pray let her be
pray let her, for me

arch: let her feel how it is when you don't get your beloved....
let her crave for you..
like you crave for me

sri : i crave to be rescued from salvation...
don't need oblivion yet
don't need bliss either
why let me away... why let me down
why let me out.. i will stay out forever or less
what happened to blue moon??

arch: blue moon is always burning seeing the dark play with me...
she comes...
sometimes she comes full... sometimes she comes half... sometimes she dosnt come at all.....
lets us alone in the fantasy

sri: u evasive... conniving bitch.....