Sunday, November 29, 2009

197. shaq

khaab the

woh betaab se

the machalte

jal gaye

raakh mal gaye

jalte jalte

aag kisne lagaayi

jaan kaise ganwaayi

kya pata

kya pata

tu tha yaa woh thi, aawaaz jiski suni thi

kya pata

khayaal the yaa ham the, mausam tha ya roshni thi

kya pata

gunehgaar laapata

aetbaar laapata

phir bhi sab se sab mile

ab mile tab mile

jaane kab kab mile

haule haule shab chile

par besabab se lab khile

silsile phir chale

dil jale mar chale

woh kaun tha

kya pata


roshan se shab aur sahar siyaah nikle

kya kahe aabaad ya tabaah nikle

kab se mushq-e-rooh gum hai

ab to ashq-o-aah nikle

kyun bhala

kya pata


tauba ki jagah ab to waah waah nikle

muqadama chala, saare begunaah nikle

qaazi gumraah nikle?

qaatil khud gawaah nikle?

kya hua

kya pata


gunehgaar laapata

aetbaar laapata

phir bhi sab se sab mile

ab mile tab mile

jaane kab kab mile

haule haule shab chile

par besabab se lab khile

haqeeqaton ke kaafilen

jise mile mar chale

woh kaun tha

kya pata

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

196. Embarrassment

I am allowed to indulge myself!!!
(nose in the air and looks away and recites)
shame and pain
not again

window seat
window seat
close your eyes
and be discreet

chief chief
country thief
oh what grief?!

shake a leg
shake a leg
ostrich egg
tries to beg

ogle ogle
giggle giggle
oh my god! why
did i wriggle?!

brief brief
no fig leaf

felt the heat
felt the heat
neither could i join
nor could i beat!

not again
shame and pain

Monday, November 16, 2009

195. entropy

a hint of vitriol
a glimpse of violet
two seasons of a sun soaked in
a sea of many scented shades


seldom are such riots - by design;
the inconsequential precursor may have been.

would algorithms not have spurred romance
and levers -
would they not have spawned love?

but well,
they do not!

not thought through too well,
i agree;
history has always been
but an afterthought


Monday, November 09, 2009

194. Chambalimericks - I

yet again I am off to chambal
wrapping myself in a warm kambal
all I want is a daaku
brandishing his chaaku
who would come use me for a dumble

but well, there are none in Morena*
no daakus shooting in the arena
And I'll jus sit and grumble
under my breath I'll mumble
daaku ke bina yahaan jee kare na!
*My current client location, bah!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

193. Gaye

gaye gaye chale gaye
saath saare maamle gaye

palate bhi to do pal ko bas
muskuraake jaan le gaye

unke aane ki tayyariyon me
manzar sabhi badle gaye

aaye to dekha saare naqsh
bure gaye. bhale gaye.

ab to gayi nazdeekiyaan
saath saath faasle gaye

kiya bhi hai to kya kiya
mile. gaye. mile. gaye.
thande kaandhon se the gile
ummeed hai gile gaye

No no... false alarm in previous post.. season's good and so am I!!
:D :D :D

192. Halloween

Of pumpkin lamps and pauper kings
candy wrappers & tramps & paper wings
and though I'm told all are lies and more
the hope does stay

i make signs and mime for all to see
none notices; all see through me
but still i'm sure if i try some more
they will look away

make polite sounds and drink their martinis
look in disdain and enquire what this is
they act like they've got some strange disease
now can't you say?

i never wished to play the game to lose
coz i clearly can't see the use
but i have not found the words to refuse
not till today
My annual bad mood time is here! Beware!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

191. Horcrux

ignorance is bliss
just a convenience

How many have died silent
excavating the relics of silence?

How many others
have been been convicted
for sacrilege?

and the nights, they fray
holding on tight
and the days try to slay
the invincible

do not seek the secret
to the silence
that parades by my dreams

i live safe in fetters
inside the cold tomb
visitors guilty

do not seek the secret
for once you know,
i will be no more.