Monday, October 29, 2007


kaagazon me aahaton me naam dhoondhti hoon
raat phoonk phoonk-ke main shaam dhoondhti hoon
teri talaash me jam gaye hain saayen sadakon pe
khud raat ban gayi hoon, aaraam dhoondhti hoon


sukoon sookha sa rahta hai
jaan simti si rahti hai
tu seene me jabse mere
patjhad sa chod gaya

thaki si roshni ab to
badi der se aati hai
udaas si subah jalti hai
sunn si hatheliyaan jalaati hai

pahron pehle hi ab
aasmaan shaam bulaata hai
saans dhundhli si uthti hai
pyaas chehre banaati hai

tere khayaal kohra bankar
aasmaan pe likhte hain
kab aake gaye kya pata
bas nishaan ab dikhte hain

khushfaham si khidkiyaan kabse
yun khuli sii chodi hain
sabaa sard subahon ki, khaali sii sili sii guzarti hain

aankhein rookhi si hain
aur neend jhadti rahti hai
ukhde se harfon pe
ab barf padti rahi hai

patjhad sa chod gaya
tu seene me jabse mere
awaazein toote se nikalte hain
aur lab chil jaate hain
sukoon sookha sa rahta hai
jaan simti si rahti hai


kuch naram si muskaan tere
chod jaate hawaaon par
kaanpti raatein un par
senka karti main baithi yahaan

An ode to a real cold winter whihc has just begun!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Faceless Autumn

I left your place
without my face
there were way too many others
to choose from

The one you gave me in May
The one we made on a lazy afternoon
The one I had, when I called you a 'goon'
The one I found when we talked under the moon
The one I saved to wear in winter
which now I cannot
or the others which tell different stories
to the world

all of them have the same today
but thousand different
yesterdays & tomorrows
covered with color
filled with gore

I tried to find my face
in wordy labyrinths
which only return echoes

I tried to find my face
with unending glances
which go unnoticed now

I tried to find my face
looking up,
all those windows
filled with inanities
which felt so good

I tried all monsoon
I tried!!

If you find my face
hidden behind the smile you wrote me
once not long ago
please do not send it across.
It does not go with my wardrobe

Months ago, I had written an ode to a Faceless Intruder.
Now this again, is a note to the same idiot!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Unheard scraps

I come up each day to catch a gaze
I come down each night to have a talk
straining ears to hear muffled footsteps
but there are never any
turn around; make a sound ... will you?

Kill these nights,
identically sinister - all of them,
taunting me & haunting me...!
They don't let me in...
they don't let me go!
Kill them now, will you?


Of were-wolves & flying foxes,
eclipses, solstices & equinoxes
of vampires & flying shoes
of treasure hunts & confusing clues

of magic trees & wishing wells
of witches n wizards & confounding spells
of dames & dragons & fearless knights
or of heroes , hippos & sugarless nights

weave me a bedtime story tonight!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Wintry Romance

I sat on my leaf
my hexagonal glory
twinkling in the crowd
with every passing light

He stood across from me
looking at me through the night
not budging his look
from my face

His eyes were smiling nouns
while they played
noughts & crosses
with mine

He lost all games
but won my heart

& when dawn broke
I fell from above
swimming from shape
to nothingness

He did not look back
He did not look away

I was a snowflake
my snowman
had a cold heart;

Like Utk said, one cannot switch on creativity; I add - neither can one switch off stupidity.
But then, yeah I think I have almost found my switch!! Amen!
Here's to better times.
Thanks Phoolan!! hehe (almost forgot that one, didn't you?!)