Saturday, December 29, 2007

Have a slice

I snuggle each night under warm sheets
to cold breath & muffled heart beats
The smell of green dreams still lingers on
when I open my eyes to a lazy dawn

& I see-
Too much of nothing is an aphrodisiac
Too little of everything is a sleeping pill

Now when I look back & unsee things-
I know what I need to do & I will

Miles are never a mask
nothing is too much to ask
I have that basket of hope
you gifted me not long ago

I have a slice each dawn for breakfast
If you haven't tried yet, I say you must
There is still quite some left;
want some?

Come over for dinner someday
& I promise when we dine
we will have dreams for dessert
& gulp them down with wine


To Hobbesie for being the sweetheart that she is!!
Smilio!! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Jab saanjh saans lene lagti hai
to roshni
chupchaap nikal jaati hai
kuch surkhi phir bhi rah jaati hain aasmaan par

saanjh ke utarte hi
choukhat pe saaye dhera daalke baith jaate hain
gap-shap karne lagte hain
din bhar ki baatein
yahaan-wahaan ke charche

kaise naqshe badalne lage hain
kaise din galne lage hain
kisne daraaron me waqt bharne ki koshish kii
kiske ishq ka tabaadla ho gaya aur kahaan
kaunsi gali me rang hadtaal pe utre hain aur kyun

kuch salaah-mashavare
kuch gile-kachahri

main is shor ki khamosh gawaah banti hoon
har raat

kahin tumhaara naam sa nazar aa jaaye
to main saari raat ek ajnabi dastaan me
kuch harfon ki khwahish liye
rah jaati hoon
in saayon ki bheed me

mere seene me bhi bahut si baatein hain
bekas bekal bezaar besabr
tum kabhi yun-hi gap-shap karne mil jaaya karo na!


aaj bhi main intezaar karti hoon
jaise pehle karti thi!

mulaqaatein ab ek arse se khafaa hain
par bahaane to ab bhi ugte rahte hain
aur ummeed bedaar si tahalti rahti hai

mere khayaal
baar baar tumhari baatein duhraate rahte hain
kuch puraani shaamon ki tasveerein liye

tere chehre sa kuch mil jaaye
to uske peeche tere kooche me pahunch jaate hain

kabhi kabhi raahon me
tere kadmon ki aahat-o-nishaan mil jaaye
to unhe dekhne
wahin ruk se jaate hain

aaj kal tum khayaalon me nange paanv kyun aane lage ho?!

benaam khayaal

Har roz kuch kacche khayaal mere yahaan se
lafzon ki talaash me nikalte hain

Har shab yeh khayaal
naakaam se benaam se
laut aate hain

is baar kahin tum inhe mil jaao
to inhe kuch harf pahna dena
kuch lavz thama dena

jaante ho na-
alvida bhi ek lafz hota hai

Friday, December 07, 2007

For want of a better name

You were four syllables before
but now I have a choice
between thirteen syllables & a grunt

& then I think-
what do I call you?

My end sees the night crawl on
for long cold hours
Your window sees the darkness crawl in
at noon

We talk of
wants & winters
over cups of ginger tea

& then I think-
what do I call you?

At dawn,
I fold my sheets
& some funny dreams;
place them under the pillow
for you to laugh them off
when I put them in words

I cry;
you hmmm
I sigh;
you smirk
I bait;
you hunh
I pole vault around;
you groan

While we play pictionary
with our eccentricities,
my room is filled with smiles
that are noticed by all
but you.

& then I think-
What do I call you?

A haiku
A shadow
A trespasser
A vestige of solace
A window of alphabets

I think
I will just leave you unnamed

for want of a better name!!