Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Now they do not write down thoughts
with toes
on the green lawn
listening to
the confluence of muffled syllables
in the air

The smell of mowed lawns
sits in the corridor

Now they do not watch the
shades of green
the lawn wears through each hour

'The night is a firefly
You cannot catch up with it
The day is a shadow
You cannot blow it away'

Now they do not wet their palms
when the skies rain down stars
stars which do not dry up
in warm thoughts

Now they do not notice
cringed noses
crumpled noises
'cause now they cannot

The smell of mowed lawns returns
every now & then
to the corridor

They sometimes wonder
on rainy noons
when feet are still or running -

would it smell as bad
if the sky were mowed?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Insaan bhi mausam hai

kis baat ki baat karoon, har baat kahin gum hai
jab baat karoon tumse, jazbaat kahin gum hai

dooja pehlu dekha, chand ka, tere sang, kabhi
tanha koshish kya karoon, ab raat kahin gum hai

baadal barsi thi kabhi, baatein ab barasti nahin
nazrein pooche hain kyun barsaat kahin gum hai

do lamhen lavz bhare, sadiyaan phir sannate
lab shikwe kare mujhse, hamjaat kahin gum hai

tere lahze ke naqshe par, woh shaqs mila hi nahin
bas beech ke purze mile, shuruaat kahin gum hai

hai kisiki meharbaani- tu woh to nahin jo tha
tu gum hai,aur sukoon tere saath kahin gum hai

kis baat ki baat karoon, har baat kahin gum hai
jab baat karoon tumse, jazbaat kahin gum hai

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Punctuated Life

Punctuated noise
fills my day...
You had the silence I needed
But where can I find you?

You live in a place
filled with
a zillion fullstops

I can't come by
to see you giftwrap
all those for me

I can't go ahead
without any either
Too sad you wouldn't know

I am stuck at a comma...
Moments with wings
refusing to fly ahead

Cold feet
Cold shoulders
Hot heads
all around

I never find your face
bare of those fullstops

I wait at my comma,
watching it turn into a question mark!
I will soon be the one
with a zillion question marks.

Inspired by Gattu & his zillion fullstops!

Dedicated to those silent relationships beyond comprehension!