Monday, May 12, 2008

The Phenomenon

It happened again today
like always.

Ideas flew out of my window.
He blew them down
& I see now,
the wings wouldn't have lasted for long

I admit my mistake
He raises an eyebrow
He grows smirks
I shred them
a ritual as old as the night
a ritual as pointless as the stars
a ritual nonetheless

He is a foreign language movie
without subtitles;
a conversation in
smiling exclamation marks
& silence

A code, I tried to decipher for ages -
amused at times, annoyed at others.

& I wonder
what is worse:
the smile or the silence?

He is an insult
to all laws of nature
a cynic
a maniac
a saint

His thoughts are a game of shadows
with a thousand faint colors;
colors left behind
in many shapeless encounters
in a closed room

Someday when he turns back
he will see
that he did it too-
leaving behind a trail of stone shadows
on all of the few he smiled at.
:) To an idiot who is slowly moving from mono-syllables to paragraphs!! :P