Saturday, December 29, 2007

Have a slice

I snuggle each night under warm sheets
to cold breath & muffled heart beats
The smell of green dreams still lingers on
when I open my eyes to a lazy dawn

& I see-
Too much of nothing is an aphrodisiac
Too little of everything is a sleeping pill

Now when I look back & unsee things-
I know what I need to do & I will

Miles are never a mask
nothing is too much to ask
I have that basket of hope
you gifted me not long ago

I have a slice each dawn for breakfast
If you haven't tried yet, I say you must
There is still quite some left;
want some?

Come over for dinner someday
& I promise when we dine
we will have dreams for dessert
& gulp them down with wine


To Hobbesie for being the sweetheart that she is!!
Smilio!! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Jab saanjh saans lene lagti hai
to roshni
chupchaap nikal jaati hai
kuch surkhi phir bhi rah jaati hain aasmaan par

saanjh ke utarte hi
choukhat pe saaye dhera daalke baith jaate hain
gap-shap karne lagte hain
din bhar ki baatein
yahaan-wahaan ke charche

kaise naqshe badalne lage hain
kaise din galne lage hain
kisne daraaron me waqt bharne ki koshish kii
kiske ishq ka tabaadla ho gaya aur kahaan
kaunsi gali me rang hadtaal pe utre hain aur kyun

kuch salaah-mashavare
kuch gile-kachahri

main is shor ki khamosh gawaah banti hoon
har raat

kahin tumhaara naam sa nazar aa jaaye
to main saari raat ek ajnabi dastaan me
kuch harfon ki khwahish liye
rah jaati hoon
in saayon ki bheed me

mere seene me bhi bahut si baatein hain
bekas bekal bezaar besabr
tum kabhi yun-hi gap-shap karne mil jaaya karo na!


aaj bhi main intezaar karti hoon
jaise pehle karti thi!

mulaqaatein ab ek arse se khafaa hain
par bahaane to ab bhi ugte rahte hain
aur ummeed bedaar si tahalti rahti hai

mere khayaal
baar baar tumhari baatein duhraate rahte hain
kuch puraani shaamon ki tasveerein liye

tere chehre sa kuch mil jaaye
to uske peeche tere kooche me pahunch jaate hain

kabhi kabhi raahon me
tere kadmon ki aahat-o-nishaan mil jaaye
to unhe dekhne
wahin ruk se jaate hain

aaj kal tum khayaalon me nange paanv kyun aane lage ho?!

benaam khayaal

Har roz kuch kacche khayaal mere yahaan se
lafzon ki talaash me nikalte hain

Har shab yeh khayaal
naakaam se benaam se
laut aate hain

is baar kahin tum inhe mil jaao
to inhe kuch harf pahna dena
kuch lavz thama dena

jaante ho na-
alvida bhi ek lafz hota hai

Friday, December 07, 2007

For want of a better name

You were four syllables before
but now I have a choice
between thirteen syllables & a grunt

& then I think-
what do I call you?

My end sees the night crawl on
for long cold hours
Your window sees the darkness crawl in
at noon

We talk of
wants & winters
over cups of ginger tea

& then I think-
what do I call you?

At dawn,
I fold my sheets
& some funny dreams;
place them under the pillow
for you to laugh them off
when I put them in words

I cry;
you hmmm
I sigh;
you smirk
I bait;
you hunh
I pole vault around;
you groan

While we play pictionary
with our eccentricities,
my room is filled with smiles
that are noticed by all
but you.

& then I think-
What do I call you?

A haiku
A shadow
A trespasser
A vestige of solace
A window of alphabets

I think
I will just leave you unnamed

for want of a better name!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

They speak a strange tongue!!!

We did this before & we do it again!!
Arch & me...
After the earlier jugalbandi ,we decide to wreak havoc again with our freaky poetic confluence. So brace yourself for a really incoherent & tangential conversation in verse!!

Arch: chills sweep me through ,
I drown in smoky boiling waters....
it takes me away to the long loving sleeps ...
I feel touched... I feel loved ...
behind the curtains.. you stare

Sri: hard desperation refuses to go away,
would care to join or jus look the other way?

Arch: to remind me I am still here...
to let you know I will be there...
take a look around and see a fainted face...
right behind the curtains wid orange flowers...
its my purple veil

Sri: this is not the first time,
this has happened before,
but I am tired of stopping,
pls go ahead, gimme more!

Arch: given myself away to you
I stand stranded waiting to be loved...
your hands when they come my way
I feel blessed in bliss....
but then when time flies by
and you stand still
I take a step forward towards my life..
eternal peace

Sri: rhyme is just an excuse,
time is such a recluse,
peace is just another fugitive,
eternity just a sad notion;
Whenever I move, whenever I am still,
I smell of empty space & forever will;
You keep filling me
with memories of yore;
but I am bottomless,
I always yearn for more

Arch: you are like the deep blue see that goes deep inside..
bottomless or shallow decide...
pour out a fine evening..
lets drown in your rains...
your colors will splash up deep into my heart

Sri: Blue I appear, but am not;
all I do is wear the sky;
Worn it for ages, torn pieces of clouds;
it doesn't turn red, it doesn't fade away;
I will sing you a rainy evening,
will you blow the foamy sky away?

Arch: winds I will spray
so I see the rainbow of ur heart..
wipe away those tears
and let the springs come up...
the sun will then shine making you smile...
floating fragrance all around...
dance the happy summer song.. before autumn arives..

Sri: autumn comes & I shed faces
come by & pick them up for me
We will weave a kaleidoscope of smiles,
to look at when you drown the shore
& I reach the stars

Arch: waves will come & take me away...
but love is always here to stay...
we will make a bunch of our smiling times
and share the thorny piercing surprises...
add a few delights...
then when u see a shooting star,
come away with me

Sri: Yes, we will do that,
We will shred the moon
& hide behind the dark night.
While the stars scout for us,
we pull in the sun
& burn them all out!!!

Arch: lets play with the universe
then we dodge a planet or a few...
careful...don't hurt yourself....
the galaxy will burst out seeing us loose

Sri: no! on second thoughts, I would rather,
come by your door & gift you smiles;
I will send you a night full of loving glances,
you write me a dawn of warm hugs!!

Sri: & when the blinds lighten up with your lazy smile,
I will bring you breakfast
with orange juice & fourteen kisses

Arch : aaww sho shweet :P

Thursday, November 08, 2007

To Wooden Endings

Another night fell dead on the barb-wire fence
It flew; it fled from a few blades of light
No remorse; no fear
Just pain in vain
Could you do something about the blotting red,
while I sit here tied to the stump of a dead tree??

The sky is hot glass & wishes have wax wings
Some lie beyond; some die within
No end; none mends
They won't stay; they can't go
Could you do something about the dripping wax,
while I sit here tied to the stump of a dead tree??

Words are entangled in smiles & camouflages,
each time they bump into my blue-eyed boy
No chalk; no charcoal
No ink; no lead
Could you do something about the unwritten thoughts,
while I sit here tied to the stump of a dead tree??

& any day you need to furnish
your museum of hearts
Just look up; don't look too far

I sit here tied to the stump of a dead tree!!

Monday, October 29, 2007


kaagazon me aahaton me naam dhoondhti hoon
raat phoonk phoonk-ke main shaam dhoondhti hoon
teri talaash me jam gaye hain saayen sadakon pe
khud raat ban gayi hoon, aaraam dhoondhti hoon


sukoon sookha sa rahta hai
jaan simti si rahti hai
tu seene me jabse mere
patjhad sa chod gaya

thaki si roshni ab to
badi der se aati hai
udaas si subah jalti hai
sunn si hatheliyaan jalaati hai

pahron pehle hi ab
aasmaan shaam bulaata hai
saans dhundhli si uthti hai
pyaas chehre banaati hai

tere khayaal kohra bankar
aasmaan pe likhte hain
kab aake gaye kya pata
bas nishaan ab dikhte hain

khushfaham si khidkiyaan kabse
yun khuli sii chodi hain
sabaa sard subahon ki, khaali sii sili sii guzarti hain

aankhein rookhi si hain
aur neend jhadti rahti hai
ukhde se harfon pe
ab barf padti rahi hai

patjhad sa chod gaya
tu seene me jabse mere
awaazein toote se nikalte hain
aur lab chil jaate hain
sukoon sookha sa rahta hai
jaan simti si rahti hai


kuch naram si muskaan tere
chod jaate hawaaon par
kaanpti raatein un par
senka karti main baithi yahaan

An ode to a real cold winter whihc has just begun!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Faceless Autumn

I left your place
without my face
there were way too many others
to choose from

The one you gave me in May
The one we made on a lazy afternoon
The one I had, when I called you a 'goon'
The one I found when we talked under the moon
The one I saved to wear in winter
which now I cannot
or the others which tell different stories
to the world

all of them have the same today
but thousand different
yesterdays & tomorrows
covered with color
filled with gore

I tried to find my face
in wordy labyrinths
which only return echoes

I tried to find my face
with unending glances
which go unnoticed now

I tried to find my face
looking up,
all those windows
filled with inanities
which felt so good

I tried all monsoon
I tried!!

If you find my face
hidden behind the smile you wrote me
once not long ago
please do not send it across.
It does not go with my wardrobe

Months ago, I had written an ode to a Faceless Intruder.
Now this again, is a note to the same idiot!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Unheard scraps

I come up each day to catch a gaze
I come down each night to have a talk
straining ears to hear muffled footsteps
but there are never any
turn around; make a sound ... will you?

Kill these nights,
identically sinister - all of them,
taunting me & haunting me...!
They don't let me in...
they don't let me go!
Kill them now, will you?


Of were-wolves & flying foxes,
eclipses, solstices & equinoxes
of vampires & flying shoes
of treasure hunts & confusing clues

of magic trees & wishing wells
of witches n wizards & confounding spells
of dames & dragons & fearless knights
or of heroes , hippos & sugarless nights

weave me a bedtime story tonight!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Wintry Romance

I sat on my leaf
my hexagonal glory
twinkling in the crowd
with every passing light

He stood across from me
looking at me through the night
not budging his look
from my face

His eyes were smiling nouns
while they played
noughts & crosses
with mine

He lost all games
but won my heart

& when dawn broke
I fell from above
swimming from shape
to nothingness

He did not look back
He did not look away

I was a snowflake
my snowman
had a cold heart;

Like Utk said, one cannot switch on creativity; I add - neither can one switch off stupidity.
But then, yeah I think I have almost found my switch!! Amen!
Here's to better times.
Thanks Phoolan!! hehe (almost forgot that one, didn't you?!)

Sunday, September 30, 2007


roshni ko khauff hai
mil na jaaye phir kahin
khaab koi raat ka
subah ki aad me

kya bataaye
kya dekha tha

thode, soone seene ke ghar pade the
thode bujhe se raahon par khade the

ujle ungliyon ki aanch se
mere dar pe saare mar gaye

roshni ko khauff hai
mil na jaaye phir kahin
rang bikhre saanjh ke
subah ki aad me
kya bataaye
kya dekha tha

parchaiyaan pahanke nikalti dopahre
ummeedein ugalte nigalte woh chehre

neend khuli to dhoop udi
aankhon me andhiyaare bhar gaye

roshni ko khauff hai
mil na jaaye phir kahin
hisse toote neend ke
subah ki aad me

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Har raat ki kahaani

Waise khwahishon ko likhte padhte nahin
par ham hain ki kuch bhi samajhte nahin


badi mehrbaan hoon
shab-e-tajaruba hoon
subah ko saba hoon

Dhoond le ishq meri zameen par

yahaan hoon wahaan hoon
hawaa hoon dhuaan hoon
har kiski duaa hoon

Chod de ishq meri zameen par

jaan baqsh doon, jee vaar doon
jaan kaat-ke sau baar doon

har saans ko parwaaz de doon?

kal khaali aasmaan bhar dengi


ud lo zara to peeche peeche mausam bhi aayenge
saayon se jhadkar kheenche se ham bhi aayenge

ek umr kya; hazaar doon
seene ki shikan sawaar doon

har saans ko parwaaz de doon?

kal khaali aasmaan bhar dengi


peshani pe ab raat rakh le, aankhon ke faasle bhar jaaye
labon ki har baat chakh le, khamoshiyaan dabke mar jaaye

nigaahon se sukoon udhaar doon
in aankhon se junoon utaar doon

har saans ko parwaaz de doon?

kal khaali aasmaan bhar dengi


kal subah
ek chehra hoga, ek naam hoga
kahin thahra hua koi kaam hoga

kahaani hogi par baat nahin hogi
peshani pe thami si raat nahin hogi

par jab raat hogi
phir saansein udengi

aur khaali aasmaan bhar dengi

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On My Own

I changed houses
I moved into a dream
with an angel
who wore
my favourite part of the day
all the time
Was it a cloud?
was it a shroud?

I went blind
the windows were all nailed
the hinges were all rusted
but deaf-mute caresses
do not leave
space to breathe
the drying dew
was there a cue?

I open my window today
to autumn leaves & noisy winds
to alien smells & hideous sights
I am scared
but I think I will find my way
I think I will make
my own favourite part of the day


I found a map
& took the right turn
that wasn't there
but then, my angel,
he did not tell me
he would head straight
Should I hit a brake?
Was it a big mistake?

I see a street
the pavement
a crowd of broken stories
I reach out
for that hand
which is around no more
Am I free?
Should I flee?

I unhook my shadow today
I have been in the dark long enough
I can leap ahead blind-folded, unarmed
I am scared
but I think I will find my way
I think I will make
my own favourite part of the day

The Call

I waited, punching on the remote
staring at the screen
the flickering images making me no sense

I waited, flipping through the magazine
staring unseeingly at the same page
again & again

I waited, brushing my hair
every other few minutes

I just did not want to fall asleep

I made myself a cup of tea
strange, it took longer than it usually does
but shorter than I wanted it to take

I waited last night
I waited till late into the night
I waited till it was night no more

I waited for the call which never came
& now it is night again.

But I am sure -you will call tonight!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

De do na!!

A re-post! Had posted this last August 11th...
you may ask em why?
well,for now, make do with the knowledge that this is my tribute to human stupidity (my stupidity)
I think this is apt for what I currently think!
I hope you like it!

mutthi bhar roshni kar do soone se sehar me
chutki bhar chandni bhar do beraham dopahar me

aadhi hi sahin labon ko muskaan de do
sooni zindagi ko thodi si jaan de do

ek sadi ki nahin ek ghadi hi sahin
do kadam aasmaan aaj hamko yahin
de dona

sooni aankhon me armaan chidak jao
thahre dil me tum aake dhadak jao

boond kaafi hai ab doob jayega dil
chahaton, boond banke tapak jao

hai raahi ko bhi raaste ki khabar
aye rasta, ab tum khud bhatak jao

chup se honthon ko do chaar alfaaz de do
kabse baithe hain, ab humko aawaaz de do

umr bhar ke safar ka iraada nahin
do ghadi do kadam waise zyada nahin
de dona
subah baat karke dhuaan chod jao
jalte aasamaan pe ruuii odh jao

ruaa sa aasmaan ruaansa aasmaan
baras jaaye to thoda sa tod jao

seedhi lakeeron pe chalta hain waqt
aage rasta phir yahin ko mod jao

bewaqt bevajah kabhi dastak to de do
saath mera kabhi agle pal tak to de do

khokhle khaab kabhi nazar se guzarte nahin
tum waqt deke aankhon me thaharte nahin
de dona

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vengeance of a loving heart

You locked me up
in your big dark house
I painted blue skies
on all your walls
Now every time
you enter your house
all you see is blue
all you see is clouds

You tied me down
to a starless night
I stretched my arms
& flew away with it
Now every time
you open your door
all you see is yellow
all you see is day

You closed your window
on my face
I pasted my smile
on your sill
now every time
you look out at the world
all you see is
my smile on a zillion lips

You hurled my song
on a cobblestone walk
i just went mute
& I still am
now every time
you take a step
all you hear is
my silence creaking under your feet

Now you crave a home
you crave that night
you crave my gift
that smiling song

how you wish you did not do
all that you did
how you wish
oh, how you wish!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sleep, Darkness, You & Me!!

This is an age-old Jugalbandi...! Thought this surely deserves a place here!
Thanks Archie!
& thanks Bling & Hobbes for occurring to Archie when she was writing this with me!!
Thanks me for an awesomely meaningless conversation! :D

Thanks to the Eco endterm tomorrow which is driving me to post insane stuff!! lolz!!


sri : last night
sleep did not join me in bed.. neither did you!

arch: why did not that bitch sleep come?

sri : it likes sleeping with you...

arch: i am straight
i had darkness with me last night
he is nice....
he doesn't hurt me
but then when that ass hole light comes...
he runs away
i wonder why cant he stand her

sri: did he keep you awake?
did he try, too hard?
but then he never had colors to wear, never wanted them either...
maybe that is what keeps him away

arch: he wears colors for me.... he knows i love them.... he can't disappoint me....
he doesn't keep me awake...
he is happy with even watching me sleep
says he sleeps in my sleep even more peacefully...

sri : then why did he never come my way?
i am colorful too
and am always game for a pillow fight
then why was my bed empty but for 2 strands of hair?

arch: he is straight too!!!!

sri: send him home sometime...
maybe he can try me once
i was straight too not long ago
but then this - ain't bad at all!

arch: hmmmm will ask him....lets see what he says
hes adventurous but
then i have tlod him about you
he likes people who write weird stuff
and are as big idiots as me
but he is scared of sandu....
says she can be senti

sri : darkness is all i ever wanted
even before i knew he existed
he can do whatever he wants
after i fall asleep
sleep me and darkness will be quite a threesome

arch: like bling does when you are asleep....
he kisses my nose...thats you....
he is open to anything but i am afraid he loves being loved....
you love him so deeply
he will be affectionate to you
he is gentle
he is kind
but when he goes to his deep dark mode
i am afraid he falls for blood

sri : red darkness has never crept on my walls
just for once i want to see that creep
and check out how deep he is
& then i wouldn't seek anymore

arch: he makes you addictive
he makes your insides scream
he will erase you from the peace's map
he will make you see color in dark
he will make you crave dark in the light...

sri: i do see him all the time
each time i close my eyes
each time i pull down the blinds
each time i slide under the covers
don't ask me what we did the last time around
but then i don't know why
sleep does not visit me
with him around
am I too busy for her
she can make me see things
much worse than he ever did
every night in my dreams i see you i feel you

arch: she makes you see things you might want to see....
but he makes you see things you never want to see....
and beyond......
par the boundaries of what you can see what you want to see
and even what you don't want to see.....
and he will never leave me.. he will drag you for me

sri: sight is a handicap
i don't want it anymore
i like it the way i am
with him around
blind as love
and dead as a night
let him drag me let him drown me
let him... will he?

arch: he loves it..
he loves me..
if i say..
he will....
we have been together forever..
he cant disappoint me...
my first love he is... { fourth first that is}...

sri: just noticed - don't know if i should tell you
but he lives in my pajamas when they aren't down
yes, it is dark in there
when they are up n moving

arch: he hides so you don't get scared....
he has got many things to him...

sri: yes he wears and he wears me out
when he does all those unspeakable things to me
i can see what i want to and not see what i don't
when he is with me
which he seldom is

arch: he will be for you love him so much..
he wont deny you.. you adore him i can see...

sri : he is prose when he slides on my skin...
he is poetry when he dives right in
he is rhythm when he moves down me
he is the night for the rest of the world
but then he snores me the sounds of crickets
and his stubble pricks me at all the wrong places
no wonder sleep that lazy dame
never ever comes to bed with me
my bed is empty but 4 your memories n two strands of hair
neither is it dark nor can i sleep
take me away
take me away from me!!!

arch: thats not snores...
its the sneeze.....
when he screams world stops spinning....
and when he is pure passionate..
he will kiss your soul out of you...
he will take you away from you

sri : i cant wait i cant breathe
yes i am coming he is coming...
we are coming ..
and i can see she is coming too!
sleep my elusive bed-partner

arch: i will make sure she doesn't come near you and let you experience the exotic partner.

sri : pray let her! let her be let her see
let her cry, let her creep
pray let her be
pray let her, for me

arch: let her feel how it is when you don't get your beloved....
let her crave for you..
like you crave for me

sri : i crave to be rescued from salvation...
don't need oblivion yet
don't need bliss either
why let me away... why let me down
why let me out.. i will stay out forever or less
what happened to blue moon??

arch: blue moon is always burning seeing the dark play with me...
she comes...
sometimes she comes full... sometimes she comes half... sometimes she dosnt come at all.....
lets us alone in the fantasy

sri: u evasive... conniving bitch.....

Friday, August 31, 2007

Raat bhi lambi laage!

ek khaab ke kone me ek syaah si raat mili
woh raat jo teri gali me utarke guzarti hai
kabhi raat ke peeche main bhi tahalne jo nikla karoon
woh lekar chalti hai kisi anjaan se saahil pe

geeli si mitti pe pairon ke nishaan tale
kuch narm si naazuk si khwahishein kinaaron pe

har din ki tarah samandar me bulbule bharti lahre
daudte huye aati aur saahil pe marti lahre
kya pata ke samandar me bikhri bhi kuch khwahish ho
aur raat me udte hue kuch khaab adhoore ho

dhoondha to bahut maine par aankhein tanha hi rahi
dhoondha to dekha maine paani khud pyaasa hai

phir samjha - lahron pe mohre to thaharte nahin
aur is sard se kohre me chehre bhi nahin milte

tu bhi to kabhi yunhi meri raat ke peeche nikal
tab jaanoge yun tanha lautna kya hota hai

ek khayaal ko odhe huye main jo kabhi mil jaaoon
dekhna tere chat par bhi koi saanjh pada hoga

raat bhi lambi laage
teri judaaiyon me
jaan ka tukda jaaye re


Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Christmas

Look at me
I am standing here on a busy street
waving & shouting out loud
But none ever looks at me

A Star for a fiver
A silver ball for a rupee
make your girl smile
make your child happy

please buy somethng from me
please buy somethng from me
please buy somethng from me

Everybdy's found a bzy road
I stand here, tired & wait
Won't somebdy sell me jus one smile?
I wanna live tomorrow again

Santa won't come behind
the park bench where I live
coz I don't have a fireplace
leave alone a chimney

So Bloody somebody
please buy somethng from me
please buy somethng from me
please buy somethng from me

Tommy wants a blue shirt
I don't want Tommy to wake up
to a torn & empty stocking

please buy somethng from me!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are Dinosaurs Extinct?

I like it when you whistle a 'hi'
I like it better when you just wink it at me!

I heard a dinosaur in a summery yellow day
Ah! I heard a dinosaur -
a T-rex dressed like a Sauropod

I still remember crumbs.
Thank God, I do!

Now, I dance to smiling afternoons
when swirling dusty winds play romance
on blazing empty roads

I heard a dinosaur in a raining silvery night
Ah! I heard a dinosaur
who now snorts down other ears

I still remember crumbs.
I wish I didn't!

I hate it when you bid 'good bye'
I hate it worse when you just leave without a word!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Kill this space!

A night settling guy problems of a 6-year-old
A window overlooking a graveyard
A stupid rapid fire questionnaire
Nicole Kidman & Anna Kournikova

A debate - do we yell or do we not?
A talk about rages at the steering wheel
concocted stories - "barbie & barbaa"
Important clients , a delayed breakup

A game of pictionary with family
A round of booze , friends crashing over
A splurge of poetry which made me smile
A random stranger vs. the boss' daughter

Hours together, before we hit the sack
Are we still there? Are we coming back?

Are you sleeping? or am I dead?
Why is my smile blue? Yours is still red!!

Are we through? or is it just my head?
I donno what! Can you lemme out?

Not that alone, the world is all stone
But then each day leaves a little void
I still remember having read your say
A vacuum, small, is a vacuum after all!!!

Are dinosaurs extinct?

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Purza purza raat jale
ab har dar bas khaak mila
shab bhar jalte saaye phoonke
phir bhi sahar naapaak mila

ghar se chale kisi aur dagar
phir usi afsaane pe pair pada
chub gayi wo shaam khaali si
wahi beraham ittefaaq mila

dil lagaakar dil khud kahta hai
'kismat to bahaana umda hai
kismat kos chalo, jo dil na mile'
zaalim dil ye chaalaak mila

band kamre me sab mausam to
bin dastak, aate jaate hain
kal hari thi peepal ki baahein
ab dekha soona shaakh mila

ziddi dil, toota sa, seene me
tanha kabse pada hai phir bhi
khwahish ugaane lagta hai
jab bhi aankh se aankh mila

purza purza raat jale
ab har dar bas khaak mila
har shab jalte saaye phoonke
phir bhi sahar naapaak mila

Friday, August 10, 2007


A dark sky & a bright streak

A wet street & rushing people
A black umbrella & four feet

Click! there is a story

A dirty wall & graffiti

Caricatures & self-anointments
Love confessions & swear-words

Click! there is a story

A broken barbie & a garbage dump

A brown girl with a sack of grimy polythenes
A gleeful smile & a new-found fortune

Click! there is a story

Wild cities & unsung predators

Pug marks & blood trails
A carcass & a bunch of vultures

Click! there is a story

A red lane & colorful camouflages

Yellow taxis, men with stained teeth
Waxed skin, pink bangles & pasted pastels

Click! there is a story

A big dark rectangle
Rows of small lighted squares

Closed windows & hidden episodes

Click! there is a story

Click away
Dark moments with wings
need to be stored in frames-

Click all you see
pick all you can

You cannot click
muffled voices
stifled emotions

A flash cannot illuminate
can it?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Now they do not write down thoughts
with toes
on the green lawn
listening to
the confluence of muffled syllables
in the air

The smell of mowed lawns
sits in the corridor

Now they do not watch the
shades of green
the lawn wears through each hour

'The night is a firefly
You cannot catch up with it
The day is a shadow
You cannot blow it away'

Now they do not wet their palms
when the skies rain down stars
stars which do not dry up
in warm thoughts

Now they do not notice
cringed noses
crumpled noises
'cause now they cannot

The smell of mowed lawns returns
every now & then
to the corridor

They sometimes wonder
on rainy noons
when feet are still or running -

would it smell as bad
if the sky were mowed?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Insaan bhi mausam hai

kis baat ki baat karoon, har baat kahin gum hai
jab baat karoon tumse, jazbaat kahin gum hai

dooja pehlu dekha, chand ka, tere sang, kabhi
tanha koshish kya karoon, ab raat kahin gum hai

baadal barsi thi kabhi, baatein ab barasti nahin
nazrein pooche hain kyun barsaat kahin gum hai

do lamhen lavz bhare, sadiyaan phir sannate
lab shikwe kare mujhse, hamjaat kahin gum hai

tere lahze ke naqshe par, woh shaqs mila hi nahin
bas beech ke purze mile, shuruaat kahin gum hai

hai kisiki meharbaani- tu woh to nahin jo tha
tu gum hai,aur sukoon tere saath kahin gum hai

kis baat ki baat karoon, har baat kahin gum hai
jab baat karoon tumse, jazbaat kahin gum hai

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Punctuated Life

Punctuated noise
fills my day...
You had the silence I needed
But where can I find you?

You live in a place
filled with
a zillion fullstops

I can't come by
to see you giftwrap
all those for me

I can't go ahead
without any either
Too sad you wouldn't know

I am stuck at a comma...
Moments with wings
refusing to fly ahead

Cold feet
Cold shoulders
Hot heads
all around

I never find your face
bare of those fullstops

I wait at my comma,
watching it turn into a question mark!
I will soon be the one
with a zillion question marks.

Inspired by Gattu & his zillion fullstops!

Dedicated to those silent relationships beyond comprehension!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dead Conversations

Did you miss yourself ever
when you looked into
some eyes?

It happens.

Sometimes a droplet
is all it takes
to bring the dam down.

If only I knew!
If only I knew!

Words don't stay put in the air,
But yes, eyes deceive us
they show us marks which refuse to leave

I stand deceived too!

I believe often,
that I can go back-
to times with a better 'us'
or to times without an 'us'

Conversations die
when they find a face.

Should I add more to the grave
in a vain attempt
to bring them alive?
Or do I live on
with the dead?

If only I knew!
If only I knew!

If only I knew what!
If only I knew why!

If only!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wasn't meant to be!

You left
me, a hint of that summer on the curtain cloud
when a waiting verse drove me home

You left
me, a thought of twilight prancing all around
when dinners and elephants were a quick affair

You left
me, a note of promise unconvincing now
about premature togetherness & rest of the world

You left
me, no reason to be mad at you
It was all, but my malediction

You left
me, a shadow, a night & a face
a shade darker than I had ever known

You left
me, everything & nothing at all,
you left!

You left?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Aankhon ka Shahar

meri aankhon me ek shahar hai
jiska naqsha tum roz badal dete ho

pichli raat kisi yaad ke bagal me
maine ek kamra banaya tha,
jisme kitne khayaal,
ajeeb-o-gareeb chehre lekar,
baith gaye the

phir tum aaye.

aajkal chehre to pahante nahin ho!
bas aawaazein pakadke aa jaate ho!!
kal bhi aise hi aaye the
aankhon me hawaa bankar...

aur saare chehre
aawaaraa pannon ki tarah
udne lage the aankhon me

na jaane kyun
meri aankhon ke shahar ka naqsha
tum roz badal dete ho

ab dekho,
na mujhe pichli raat wala kamra milta hai
na woh bikhre khayaalon ke panne milte hain

aise hi tevar rahe to
main kal se
in aankhon ki khidkiyaan
nahin kholoongi, haan!

Saturday, June 02, 2007


har raat ik umr guzaarne ki aadat si hai

kaali raat khaali haath
to kabhi aati hi nahin
par jo maangti hoon, woh laati bhi nahin

kuch khote yaadein laati hain
kuch jhoote vaade karti hai
kuch poore tode jaati hain
kuch thode-aadhe bharti hai

ab tak us khumaar ka shumaar nahin kar paayi
na to har us khaab ka hisaab kar paayi kabhi

peeli lifaafon se chitthiyaan nikaalkar
baaton se roothe adhoore harf ghoorti hoon
kabhi lihaafon me leti hui main, baahar-
raaton se tooti kaari barf ghoorti hoon

kuch to hua hoga mujhe
do raatein char baatein nahin samjhi
ek sadi ke sannate samajh gayi

haan, baat thodi ajeeb hai-
tumhari nazrein bhi
kabhi aawaaz nahin karti thi
par baatein bahut karti thi

shayad tumne kisi khat me
gappi nazrein aur ek kaagaz bhar khamoshi
likh-kar bheja hoga
jo kabhi mere yahaan pahuncha hi nahin.

aise khayaal phoonke se nahin jaate
aur sukoon - sookha sa pada rahta hai

har raat yun ik umr guzaarne ki aadat si hai
shayad ab saari umr bas raat guzaarni padegi
each night, i live a lifetime...
all my life, it is, but, night!


main udhde ukhde ujhde lamhon ke tinke jodkar

gharonda bana rahi hoon!

bas aur do muththi mitti

phir mere char dinon ki chutti!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Painting Desires

Let me try
painting my desires
with my eyes.

There you go!
Love is your wardrobe
& pain, your accessory.

It goes so well
with your smile-
teasing & taunting!
there,yet not there!

your nose is my playground
& your thought is my home.

To hell with poetry-
You are brutally hot
I am fatally horny.

Ah, what are you,
but a desire of my making!

What are you-
My mistress
or my master?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Chaand ko maar do!

Chaand utaar do
chaand ko maar do

is ziddi se kaafir ki
sadiyon se ek si aadat hai
ab to marna hi ibaadat hai
isko marne ki ijaazat do

yaa to ab kuch aur chadha do
yaa to ab aasmaan hi uda do
baandh-ke kheencho zor lagake
chaand hata do, chaand chuda do


roz uth-uthke gira karta hai
yeh kat kat-ke mara karta hain
bas ek din marne ki nautanki
phir badh badh-ke bhara karta hai

routine to bahut hi pheeka hai
kitna boring kaheen-ka hai
mere kamre me jhaankta rahta hai
batao, yeh bhi kya saliiqa hai?

yaa to ab kuch aur chadha do
yaa to ab aasmaan hi uda do
baandh-ke kheencho zor lagake
chaand hata do, chaand chuda do


har shab chaand ke chulhe pe
gud-neem se sapne pakte hain
apna pakaya yeh chakhta hi nahin
na ham kabhi inko parakhte hain

har roz chulhe se paala pada
jal jalke chaand pe chaala pada
kabhi chulha jalaake bhula de ye
to chehra poora hi kaala pada

yaa to ab kuch aur chadha do
yaa to ab aasmaan hi uda do
baandh-ke kheencho zor lagake
chaand hata do, chaand chuda do

Chaand utaar do
Chaand ko maar do


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Faceless Intruder

It wasn't until that fateful day
when an innocuous greeting
turned everything around,
that I noticed things
living, unseen by my eyes

It wasn't until then
that I noticed
the futility of attempts
to fill bottomless wells
with dead consonants & long vowels
& punched punctuation marks

I noticed
the caprices of oracles
who make dead-ends into highways

I noticed
that emotions had no nativity
& how pain can be forged into smileys

I noticed
that all stories are but the same-
just that the narrator tweaks the narration
blurring the imagery

I noticed
that there are no questions
but one -

I noticed
that faces are but pseudonyms
to gift anonymity to the world

I noticed
restlessness can be reasonless
& unreasonable

I noticed
that Apollo is apologetic, all the time
for leaving smiles, unsolicited

I noticed

Now I wish to go back
to what I was
before I noticed

So kill yourself
& stay dead until dawn

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Incandescent Metaphors

An angel stopped at my door step

Give me a little of your tomorrow
without cabs with neon lights honking
without screens with virtual windows blinking

Write me down in pieces
of incandescent metaphors

How do I dress her up in words?

She has found a home in some lazy moment
or maybe, is still scouting for one,
in pieces of yesterdays & tomorrows.
There are always so many.

She flows along turbulently
wearing reflections of the sky.
The sky does not understand;
she does not explain.

She flows down truculently
with banks on either side, dawn & twilight.
The banks-
are they wings
or are they anchors?

Naive, she forgives mirages
for being abhorrent & arrogant;
but follow them, she does.

There is so much to her
& just too little that one can know.

How do I make her up
& let her out of herself?

An innocent angel
still waits at my doorstep;
or is she a conniving witch?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bematlab...yahaan kuch to hua hoga!

kuch khaab jale honge
bas khaak nazar me hai
yahaan kuch to hua hoga
har taraf dhuaan sa hai

masoom si aahat bhi
mahfoos nahin hain yahaan
mahroom si kismat hai
mayoos si baithi hai

kis kooche me utrega
uski marzi to na thi
yeh naam-o-shaql uska
kisi raat ka purza hai

iski khataa kya hai
jo maut ke tohfe mile-
bas naam liya rab ka?
tera khudaa kya hai??

bekas si yeh berahami
bevajah kyun pahne ho?
nafrat to viraasat me
har shaqs ko milti hai

zindagi meri, meri nahin
teri jaan bhi teri nahin
tu qabr banaaye meri
kal tera janaaza hai

We inherit so many prejudices.
Did we ever stop to think if they are worth while?
Are they?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Taj Mahal

Why do I write of love?

It is neither pressing
nor impressing
nor depressing

Why do I write of love?

It knows no grammar
It holds no glamour

Then why do I write of
the skies in his eyes on restless days
the storms in my gasps on turbulent nights



I keep moving on
from one story to another
leaving tombs on dead ones
in faceless times
in nameless places
about the next tombstone.


He had waited
I had too.
We thought-
Love is not a slave of confessions
Ah! But then,
silence is an insidious assassin

& we did not know that

Lights adorning the walls
The sound of shahnai
Girls giggling over floral designs of mehndi

In the courtyard next to mine,
they are celebrating.

Another love story died today.

Time for yet another Taj Mahal
a tomb
not for a lost lover
but for a love story
dead & dusted.

So tonight
I write of love
I write my last Taj Mahal
until tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


zarra zarra ab zaar zaar ho gaya
zara zara si baaton se pyaar ho gaya

baaton me pahren palatna, kasoor hai tera
tere sang main bhi gunahgaar ho gaya

besabab guftagu se gila karta hai dil
isi me har lamha jo giraftaar ho gaya

aakar, saari umr rakh di hai ulatke
nasha utar gaya aur khumaar ho gaya

naakaam sa mafahoom talaashta hoon main
ab to har maayna bekaar ho gaya

parda gira diya to shuruuaat hui
daastaan aakhir me aebdaar ho gaya

jab buni thi zindagi tab to tu nahin tha
ab achanak kaise ek khirdaar ho gaya?

mareez nazar aata tha par khud marz hai
main bas bekhabar sa beemaar ho gaya

ekhtiyaar me the arzoo, to magroor tha
tum mile, to guroor gubaar ho gaya

din bhar khwahishon se bach-bachke chala
raat hui! shikaastaa, shikaar ho gaya

aaj phir naye tukde jud gaye chehron par
aaj phir soonaapan faraar ho gaya

aadatn sannaate jeete the lab par
ab begharaz lavzon ka dayaar ho gaya

kal maine chedi thi to bas baat thi
tumne chhua to yeh ashaar ho gaya

Dedicated to HippO

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tere baad

tere saath bhi jeete the
tere baad bhi jeete hain
haan, mere ghar me magar

zindagi thodi kam si hai

Phir khud ko duaa denge
phir khud ko dagaa denge
phir raah wahi lenge
ham aaj bhi jee lenge

inaayat jo karein yaadein
gunguna denge gaa denge
aankhein kaise khaali rakhein
do boondein lagaa denge

gud si baatein teri
ham aaj bhi chakhte hain
ruk ruk-kar hanste hain
ro ro-kar thakte hain

shikwa karein nam si nazar

zindagi thodi kam si hai

phir laal se sapne tere
raaton ko jagaa denge
phir aankhein cheekhengi
zaalimon ko bhagaa denge

pichli raat se bistar par
baithe baithe hamne
khidki se ambar par
haule din chadte, dekha

zinda hui duniya magar

zindagi thodi kam si hai

tere saath bhi jeete the
ham aaj bhi jee lenge
phir khud ko duaa denge
phir khud ko dagaa denge

Saturday, April 21, 2007


aankhon se taane dete hain
aur kabhi lab se dua karte hain

aisa bhi nahin ke afsos hai
bade be-adab se dua karte hain

jin-jinko marte chod diya
mare un sab se dua karte hain

udhar lekar na utaarne ki
kyun bematlab se dua karte hain

khud to raham baanta hi nahin
ab jaake rab se dua karte hain

kal ham-umr koi mar sa gaya
sahme yeh tab se dua karte hain

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cotton Thoughts

The face glided through the neighborhood of my dreams
wearing a satin smile...
The seamstresses - my eyes,
did not stock silk...!

I look out of my window
You look at your sky
We patch it up
with blue
pieces of conversation
The blue in my heart
the blue in your eyes
The blue of the sky...

We are off... we move on
but then
I am still
I am,

Art is my chosen pastime

Who else would
weigh this silence
weigh the sky
weigh your sight
weigh my smile
aren't they all nothing?

Art is the pastime of a constipated mind

Oh, I am sorry.
I was born to be apologetic
even more so, when I say the truth.
Aren't all humans?


mannat me kuch rishte maangte hain
jannat se farishte maangte hain

kabhi to chehron pe gaur karte
rasm dafnaake kuch aur karte

to baat alag nahin hoti?


har lamhe ka hisaab dhoondhte hain
har kisse ka jawaab dhoondhte hain

bevajah kabhi shaam dhalne dete
nam aankhon me naam palne dete

to baat alag nahin hoti?


haathon me hazaaron lakeerein milti hain
taqdeer gumraah hai - kiski galti hai

bas zara si haath ki safaai
karte kismat se thodi bevafaai

to baat kuch aur nahin hoti?


andheron me bach bachke afsos karte hain
phir unhi raahon me har roz marte hain

aankhein barasti hain to khaab badal dete
sabhi ko intezaar hai, mahtaab badal dete

baat kuch alag nahin hoti?


pichli raaton, bichdi baaton pe maatam manaate hain
zakhm bahut banaate hain aur jashn kam manaate hain

guzre kaaydon ko mitaa dete
jalte maaynon ko bujha dete
hamse hain yeh, inse ham nahin
uth-te, zamaane ko bata dete...

to baat zaroor kuch aur hoti!

We pray/wish/hope for thngs to change, thngs to happen, thngs to stop, thngs to begin!
Anybdy asks us to try it ourself... nay, who wud go against tide?!!
A zillion reasons - luck, destiny, stars, rules, conventions... a zillion excuses...Is not our redemption our responsibility?
I am stumped .. Is it not obvious?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


tumpe marna shauk hai, tumhe jeena pesha mera

yunhi jeene ke mujhe kuch aur sabab suhaane de
tumpe marne ke mujhe thode aur haseen bahaane de

meri tasveer liye sapne kitne hain be-ghar bikhre

tere seene me inhe jeene de, do pal bitaane de
yaa inhe teri aatishiin aankhon ke aashiyaane de

teri aawaaz se aabaad hai har ik lamha mera

har sahar sard aahon ko teri aahat me jalaane de
har shab rishton ka karz kishton me nibhaane de

udaa rahe ho sadiyon se, utaarte kyun nahin

chod de aasmaan ko, ab to isko apne ghar jaane de
aasmaan banke tere chaukhat pe mujhe lahraane de

dil vajah hai khwahish ki yaa khwahish dil ki
mujhko itna to samajhne de aur samjhaane de
jis mu-amme me khatm hua hai sukoon apna
us silsile me ab tumhe bhi zara uljhaane de

Friday, March 23, 2007

Muted Witness

Not long ago
we were talking about
who is a better pest - Jay or Jo?!
who is a sweeter idiot - Archu or Hobbes?!

Not long ago
you were yourself
you are here
yet you are no more
after you returned
with your pink shirt turned black

I wish you had died with the rest.

Tell me, Sri
Tell me when did it snap-
that something in you?
When you heard loud panic?
or when you saw charred faces fall?
or when you felt the resonating wails
ask why some stories end suddenly without an end?

Have not moths burning in candle light
always been a romantic notion in your poetry?
then why?
you said - Crowds are an ugly pain
now you see the flood of empty space
you said - you hate noise & cacophony
now you have silence burning
then -
Tell me, you fool.
move a lip
move a limb

I wish you had died with the rest.

Now I know
the dead are better off
as numbers in the headlines.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


raat bhar
baat karte chalein
saath marte chalein

raat bhar
raat bharte chalein
haath dharke chalein

raatein tarse jo kabhi to dooja chand ugal jaaye
baatein barse jo kabhi to thodi neend nigal jaaye

kahin to hoga koi
jaga jaga apna saga
yunhi masroof majboor hoga

jagah koi jism hogi
vajah koi rasm hogi
dhoondhte hain
chal na


bujhe lab pe
lafz jalaa de
lafz chadhaa de

mare shab ki
nabz jagaa de
nabz chalaa de

jabeen pe bhatki khaali takdeer ke zakhm bhar de
zubaan pe atki khamosh tasveer ko khatm kar de

kahin to hoga koi
jaga jaga apna saga
yunhi gumraah gumnaam hoga

jagah koi jism hogi
subah hawa bhasm hogi
soonghte hain
chal na

Recreation - is it a choice or an obligation?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Death of a Blue Moon

It has been quite a while
since we last mourned the moon.
So you finally heard that-
you owe me - freedom;
I thought you wouldn't!
I just noticed - I died again last night,
when the dark winds smelled of you.
Not fair?

The wheels went by my house,
leaving an empty evening on the tracks.
I wanted to do that too;
so I did.
I just noticed - I died again last night;
I couldn't get enough of nothing.
Not fair?

It happened now-
it will happen again.
Life - is it not a verb in the past tense?
Emotions - are they not pixelated dreams?
I just noticed - I died again last night,
in a vain attempt to escape answers.
Not fair?

It is about time,
I wrote an obituary
and put together an epitaph
for myself.
I just noticed - I died again last night,
leaving no hint - I have moved on.
Not fair at all!!

So I write-
I died again last night.
Were you the one who killed me?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


chanda pe chandi khilaa aaya hooN
suraj pe sona jalaa aaya hooN

bas thodi si kami baaki hai

sochta hooN-
thoda sa aasmaaN bhi daalooN
neela sa aasmaaN jee daalooN


baadalke neeche baitha hai
kyuN kal ko kheeNche baitha hai
yuN palkeiN meeNche baitha hai

saanseiN phir bhi pyaasi haiN

sochta hooN-
geela sa aasmaaN pee daalooN
neela sa aasmaaN jee daalooN

baatoN ke sang udaaooN
raatoN pe zang chadhaooN
haathoN se jang ladaaooN

badri ne raham maangi hai

sochta hooN-
dheela sa aasmaaN see daalooN
neela sa aasmaaN jee daalooN

A Place called Love

Is there a place
between noise & nothingness?

Is there a place
where the sky turns green?
I have seen the sky
in all hues-
white, orange, grey, pink, black, blue!!

Is there a place
where David & Goliath make love?

Is there a place
where stories do not grow old
where summers do not go cold
in waiting picture frames?

Is there a place
where twilight flutters & falters
when it breathes against skin?

I will find that place
for you
Will you come away with me?

A raised brow looked back at me

I read
a moist steel grey smirk
in those eyes

Up yours! Of course!!
Get the laundry basket

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shall we?

ride on the night
read the sky out
when we meet again

the last time
I remember how we danced 'Hakuna Matata'
with, not a worry, on our minds

you left the door ajar behind you
& silence crept into the house unnoticed
what a monster!

now each night
I live a winter
while you whisper smiles in my sleep

and each day
I watch shards of sunshine
travel the length of my room

I just cannot wait
for us to meet again
And when we do
fill me again
spill me again

spice me up
slice me away
like you promised to...

& when you leave
close the door behind you!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


peeli si hawaa khaa li
khaali si chandni pee li
phir bhi bhookhi pyaasi zindagi
har raat yun hi ruaansi zindagi

har raat aise-taise koste hain
phir subah sabhi paroste hain
wahi pichli raat ki baasi zindagi
raaton ko wahi ruaansi zindagi

hansi udaai apni kisine kabhi
zahan me udti rahti hai ab bhi
hanske udaaii zara si zindagi
har pal bevajah ruaansi zindagi

duaan kare to bikhar jaati hai
sun-ne se pehle mukhar jaati hai
nazar aati kahaan hai dhuaan si zindagi
baasi pyaasi ruaansi zindagi


koi ishq ishq sahta jaaye
koi ashq ashq bahta jaaye
shab-o-roz bheege-geele se hain
koi khushk sahar pahna jaaye
to meharbaani hogi!


us paar koi hai bhi ke nahin
maloom nahin jaana bhi nahin
jaane kyun magar, itna hai yakeen
sunta hai woh, bas aawaaz nahin

rozana yunhi shaam-o-sehar
yun kabr pe phoolon ke zariye
apni baatein kahta jaaye
aur ashq ashq bahta jaaye


murda lamha saans bharta hi nahin
jaan phoonke, koi karta bhi nahin
afsaana jo tasveeron me qaid-
zinda bhi nahin, marta bhi nahin

rozana yunhi shaam-o-sehar
besabr se thahar-ke raahon me
ummeed liye rahta jaaye
par ishq ishq sahta jaaye


jaane kitne shikwe chede
bikhri kaliyon ke sannaate
karoobaar khusboo ka khatm kiya
par aise jhadte nahin kaante

rozana yunhi shaam-o-sehar
girte bhi gaye ginte bhi gaye
naamunasib hai kahta jaaye

koi ishq ishq sahta jaaye
koi ashq ashq bahta jaaye
shab-o-roz bheege-geele se hain
koi khushk sahar pahna jaaye
to meharbaani hogi!

This is about painful love in different forms - the one which does not die with the dead & the one which never quite made it & the one which is dead but for the complaints... & people are stuck to it, why??God alone knows!!
Can someone change it?
meharbaani hogi!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is shahar ki nigodi galiyaan

kuch choti kuch chaudi galiyaan,
is shahar ki nigodi galiyaan-
main ghar se na nikloon jo kabhi,
meri raah dekhne mudti hain,
khidki pe ret si udti hain,
agle din paiyya padti hain.

mujhe giraake daant dikhati hain! (teeth)
har roz yun daant sikhati hain. (gaali)
meri jaan baantke khaati hain,
is shahar ki nigodi galiyaan.

dupahri shor ke sang tahalti hain.
kachahri bani to inki kya galti hai?
sabke ishaaron se banti badalti hain,
is shahar ki nigodi galiyaan.

kahin simat-ti kahin bikharti hain.
naqshon se bachke guzarti hain.
par roz hi peecha karti hain,
is shahar ki nigodi galiyaan.

har subah ye dhoop me pakti hain;
phir shab aake inhe dhakti hain.
ruke koi to jhat se lapakti hain,
is shahar ki nigodi galiyaan.

mitti ke libaas pahanti hain-
kadmon ki kahaani sunti hain-
nishaanon se pahrein ginti hain,
is shahar ki nigodi galiyaan.

kitne pairon ke neeche pisti hain-
kahin se nikalke kahin ghusti hain-
kitnon ka ghar kitnon ki basti hain,
is shahar ki nigodi galiyaan.

har raat in kaali sadakon par,
parchaaiyaan baithi rahti hain.
in saayon se phir din bhar ke
sab gappe sunti kahti hain,
is shahar ki nigodi galiyaan;
kuch choti kuch chaudi galiyaan.


aaj sadak par chalte chalte, ek bejaan si soorat dekhi hai
taajjub hai ek insaan pe ek insaan si soorat dekhi hai

ujhde-jhade khaabon ki baatein har roz maine udti suni
jo kabhi suni hi na ho aisi dastaan si soorat dekhi hai

na to jazbaat bikhre the kahin, na ummeed nishaan chod gayi
ik khaali si, ik sooni si, sunsaan si soorat dekhi hai

dhoondh dhoondhke bahaane aaj to saari duniya dariya hui
sabse alag jalti tapti registaan si soorat dekhi hai

kitne chehre dekhe, sab par hasrat ki patangein udti hain
pehli baar yun khule khaali aasmaan si soorat dekhi hai

aawaaz uthaai hogi kabhi,dikhte hain aankhon me kuch tukde
ab to khud pe sannaate mali, bezubaan si soorat dekhi hai

baaki thake-mare se hain, bas harkat se zinda lagte hain
hilti-dulti to nahin phir bhi jawaan si soorat dekhi hai

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


kaise bataaoo pichli raat tum
aankhon me kya kar gaye the
mujhe to bas tera chehra sa yaad hai
par sapna yaad nahin hai

kuch chhil gaya hoga
kuch sil gaya hoga
kuch dhul gaya hoga
kuch khil gaya hoga
aankhon pe tona sa chal gaya tha
khaabon pe sona sa mal gaya tha

ek nazaaraa sunahra sa yaad hai
aur kuch, tera chehra sa yaad hai
par sapna yaad nahin hai

kaise bataaoo pichli raat tum
aankhon me kya kar gaye the


kuch hanske badhe honge
kuch phanse pade honge
kuch hisse jude hone
kuch kisse mude honge
shayad teekhi nazmein pak rahi thi
jinhe teri nazrein chakh rahi thi

mujhe bas dil thahra sa yaad hai
aur kuch, tera chehra sa yaad hai
par sapna yaad nahin hai

kaise bataaoo pichli raat tum
aankhon me kya kar gaye the


Saturday, January 06, 2007


Pichli raat kuch likha tha maine
socha tumhe de doon
phir socha- rahne do!

tumhare kamre ke peele-narangi deewar pe
ek masoom si hansi tangi rahti hai
kuch pandrah saal purani hansi
us ghadi ke baaju me..
jo bade zor se aawaaz karta hai
aur bees minute tez chalta hai

kabhi kabhi daftar me
mez pe baithi 'bowl' me woh hansi dikh jaati hai
kabhi kabhi sadak pe
koi baccha hans pade to teri aahat si ruk jaati hai
kabhi kabhi aankhon se
woh hansi girke do boond mere lab pe rakh jaati hai

socha saari baaton-yaadon ki halki pudiya
bandh-ke tumhe de doo
aur tum yaad se le jaaogi apne shehar
phir socha- rahne do

pichli raat bahut kuch likha tha maine
socha tumhe de doon
phir socha- rahne do!

tumhare ghar ke aage ek rasta hai
jab bhi tum ghar se nikalti ho to bahut hansta hai
main der se aaoo to gurrata hai aur mujhe dansta hai
aaj bhi mere pairon se ulajhti rahti hai
woh dhadak-ti sadak
aur kabhi us raste pe basti sunahri khamoshi
dheere dheere sarakhti hui
meri gali aa jaati hai, mere peeche

tumhare baad aasmaan pe shayad winter sa hai
sitaare jhadte rahte hain
aur tere ghar ke raste pe padte rahte hain
yaa phir shayad raaton ko tere intezaar me
timtimake timtimake thake sitaaren
tere dar dastak dene utar aate hain

socha saare thake taaron ki halki pudiya
bandh-ke tumhe de doo
aur tum yaad se le jaaogi apne shehar
phir socha- rahne do

pichli raat sab kuch likha tha maine
socha tumhe de doo
phir socha- rahne do!

Friday, January 05, 2007


aaj aaine me apna chehra dekha
to aankhon ne poocha-
yeh aks kiska hai?
yeh shaks kaun hai?

ik ajnabi si lag rahi thi apni hi nazar
ammi ki dee hui muskaan pheeki pad gayi!
shayad mera aaj ka chehra kisi gair pe gaya,
yaa phir shayad woh apna wala kahin sair pe gaya

ajeeb sa lag raha tha
to maine apna chehra dhoondha,
almirah me rakhi album me

kitne chehre palatke dekhe
kitne chehre pahanke dekhe
apna chehra mila hi nahin!

phir laga
shayad kabhi mera koi chehra tha hi nahin;
bas ek parda tha jis par kahaaniyaan raqs karti hain

jaise jaise udti sunti hain-
nazrein chup-chap
do chaar lakeerein likh jaati hain peshani pe;
do chaar laal lavz rakh jaati hain
bas hamein pata nahin chalta
nazrein aawaaz thodi na karti hain?!
bas tasveerein banaati baant-ti rahti hain

ab to roz khud se jaan pehchaan karna padta hai-
ab is chehre ke saath din utaarna hai,
to karna padta hai!

aur jab din dhalta hai
to mera dil darta hai
phir meri kahaani karvat legi
phir kuch kore kone kaale pad jaayenge
phir kuch berang tukde jud jaayenge
phir bhare chehre ko adhoora chod jaayenge

aur kal subah aaina dekhoonga
to parde par kahaani hogi,
ajnabi si, nayi si, alag si
phir aankhein poochengi-
yeh aks kiska hai?
yeh shaks kaun hai?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Nightingale

They waited for her
to sing them skies
which did not change colors each hour
where the moon never went black
where the winds did not blow messenger clouds away

They waited for her
to sing them sleep
still & sober
which would bring them steamy dreams
the vapors condensing into droplets
on their empty eyelids

They waited for her
to sing them seasons
which had never visited their courtyards
which perched on branches turning them green
which showered leaves down the roads
on unsuspecting travellers
on windy days

They waited for her
to sing them streets
where dust did not rise to the horizon
making strange designs in the air
ominous & forbidding
but leaving no choice but to walk on

They waited for her
to sing them stories
of snow caps or dry taps
of wheels or whales
of sights they hoped,existed somewhere

They waited for her
to sing them smiles & sobs
but she sang them
silence & sweat

They waited for her
to sing them something - anything

They waited with hope - vicious & disgusting
fingers trembling with anticipation
ears aching with restlessness

They waited for her
They still do!