Tuesday, May 24, 2016

313. सारी सारी रैन

उड़न खटोले
गगन टटोले
सारी सारी रैन

उड़े और कोसे
चाँद परोसे
सारी सारी रैन

रैन पे टीका लगैयो
किसीकी नजर न लगे


नैन कटोरे
रैन बटोरे
सारी सारी रैन

सपने निगोडे
बदन निचोड़े
सारी सारी रैन

किसीको कभी न बतैयो
किसीको खबर न लगे

Sometimes rambling is ok.
Randomly hummed this in the shower today. So well... 

312. Another love letter

it is a habit
loving you
something I do without noticing
something I started doing without thought or practice
just the way
I twirl my hair when I am reading
I bite off the white moons off my finger nails
I fold pieces of papers many times over when handed to me
I hum when I am in the shower
I cocoon myself in the blanket when I am asleep, while shaking my foot

it is a habit
loving you
something that makes me me maybe
maybe I would not be me
if I did not

or maybe loving you
is a habit
more like breathing actually

maybe I would not be
at all
if I did not
love you