Wednesday, July 19, 2017

371. Bridge to reality

my reality
was an acquaintance

we were born around the same time
reality was someone i grew up around

not too close
more like
a polite civil distant equation

we had mixed feelings
about each other
acknowledging each other
once in a while

and then
i met you
and realised reality was your friend

we all started hanging out
more often
and realised that
reality ain't too bad
so i met reality more
had fun together
most times
we met

except for times
like this evening
when i meet with reality
in a strange fun city
without you around

walking down streets
with buildings holding up the sky
over wayward traffic

sharing an IPA
at a boisterous bar

over awkward silence

reality and i
we both agree
we are better off
with you around

so next time
join us



Missing boy
19 July

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